IA Daily: IFBB Orlando Bodybuilding Wrap-Up (2015)

admin May 4, 2015 Comments

The bodybuilding world converged on the sunny shores of South Florida this past weekend for the Europa Orlando. After a few weeks of buildup, and plenty of hype surrounding the story-lines heading into the show, the action onstage did not disappoint.

As expected, Fouad Abiad had a lights out performance on his way to notching an Olympia qualification, and his first pro victory. Abiad brought in what was easily his all-time best package, and appears to have found a potent combination between himself and coach John Meadows.

Fouad Abiad_Michael Lockett_Iain Valliere_Orlando

Fouad Abiad (1st) – Michael Lockett (2nd) – Iain Valliere (7th)

We also saw two very impressive professional bodybuilding debuts, from Michael Lockett and Iain Valliere. Lockett took the stage looking absolutely enormous, in his trademark effortlessly shredded conditioning, on the way to a second place finish. Not be to be ignored, Valliere did more than live up to the hype by showcasing a much bigger, more refined look with some of the best conditioning of the event.

Without question the biggest mystery heading into the show was what in the world were we going to get from Alexander Federov? And to his credit Federov did not disappoint. Truth be told, this is the best version of Federov we’ve seen in over a decade. Coming in 3rd place, Federov looks to be much closer to the game changing athlete we all thought he would years ago.


Overall the show proved to be one of the more intriguing events of the year thus far, and if nothing else, set up a few interesting story-lines for us to follow as we head into the heart of the 2015 contest season.

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