IFBB Pro Dennis James, Off Topic Interview!

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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dennis James stopped by the MyOatmeal.Com facility. After his tour Dennis took some time to answer our questions, and discusses everything from the start / end of his career to his diet and expectations for Big Ramy in the upcoming years.

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Dennis James Classic Bodybuilding

Speaker 1Q:  — USA?

Speaker 2A:  Well you only when you had to, where to enroll?

Speaker 1Q:  Are you in USA? Yeah?

Speaker 3Q:  Yes.

Speaker 2A:  There was no past or not.

Speaker 3Q:  2000

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah it was just the overall.

Speaker 2A:  You have the one pro cup.

Speaker 1Q:  That was it?

Speaker 2A:  That was it and then my year was the first super heavyweight year.

Speaker 1Q:  How long where you competing before as an amateur, before you got that?

Speaker 2A:  I did ’97 the nationals and the Border States I was in Ivory.

Speaker 4Q:  How was it, oh you did?

Speaker 2A:  I did one USA.

Speaker 1Q:  The other organization, that you’re up too but —

Speaker 2A:  Before and now, yeah.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 2A:  But Ivory, I only did, the Border States Classics, the nationals and the USA ’97.

Speaker 1Q:  You are now the champion. You were good and then you have when you’re off, yeah?

Speaker 2A:  I won the Universe — in ’95

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 3Q:  Yeah, John Ramsy looked up and said you’re going.

Speaker 2A:  John Ramsy, I signed up the first show of Border States Classics, I signed it —

Speaker 3Q:  So you played the amateur.

Speaker 2A:  No, I wasn’t a  amateur.

Speaker 3Q:  You’re in notice.

Speaker 2A:  No, I’m putting that —

Speaker 3Q:  You hear, notice.

Speaker 2A:  That was, because that was my first admin show.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 2A:  So I went to San Diego. I drove all the way up there. And I said, now he’s in this room the other room in the end, I looked in the other room, I take my clothes off and said, nah, nah, nah, you over there, there, there.


Speaker 3Q:  So how it goes like, you’re not, noticed?


Speaker 2A:  No, you’re not a novice.

Speaker 3Q:  You would have leave him do notice, that is fun.

Speaker 1Q:  That’s awesome. Wow, so what — are your retired?

Speaker 4Q:  I’m retired?

Speaker 2A:  I remember you were retiring a year ago.

Speaker 4Q:  Are you really retired, yeah?

Speaker 2A:  I’m retired, I’m just came back —

Speaker 1Q:  I was there when you, when they put on the spot.

Speaker 2A:  When they put on the spot yeah, that’s it.

Speaker 1Q:  I actually talked to you the next day at the Expo and I was like, so when did you check your diet and you said, last night.

Speaker 2A:  Yeah.

Speaker 1Q:  I started my diet last night.

Speaker 2A:  But after the press conference I had my first chicken and rice meal. I had a 11 weeks left and that was it, yeah.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah, yeah and that’s enough time. You were in shape enough to —

Speaker 2A:  I was clean for 19 months.

Speaker 1Q:  Wow!

Speaker 3Q:  Wow!

Speaker 2A:  So I was doing nothing.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 4Q:  You’re pretty goddamn big though.

Speaker 2A:  Yeah and now it’s been a year again.

Speaker 4Q:  And you’re still pretty goddamn big.

Speaker 2A:  I have nothing. Not even this one tape, not even HRT.

Speaker 4Q:  There you go.

Speaker 1Q:  Seriously?

Speaker 2A:  Serious, I would if I would, I would, why would I lie?

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah, that’s right.

Speaker 2A:  It’s Ramy saying he’s training three years. People say, well he’s a lie. Why would he lie if he trains 10, her would say 10, he’s still 325.

[Simultaneous Talking]

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 2A:  It doesn’t matter how many years he trains; he’s still 320.

Speaker 1Q:  And there you go. And how did he hold up with you and you just —

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah that’s what I always want, I’d love to hear that.

Speaker 2A:  I’ve been going the cool way for since 2005.

Speaker 4Q:  And that, he run money.

Speaker 2A:  You know, I’m not sure and not hear. So when he came working at the gym in 2010 —

Speaker 1Q:  Oxygen.

Speaker 2A:  — as a trainer. It’s like this. And he was the cleaner and wiping off the pads, the machine and he’d spot the members and then he started training and then the next year 2011, he was training for one year basically and that’s when we’re like, damn, he got some serious potential. And he was still clean. And then 2011, we took him on and showed him a few things, 2012, he won the amateur Olympian, qualified for the Olympian the first try.

Speaker 1Q:  And that was at the —

Speaker 2A:  286 pounds on stage.

Speaker 1Q:  That story is amazing.

Speaker 4Q:  What you do, you did the contest before the amateur show though?

Speaker 2A:  Yeah. He did the oxygen gym show.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah, boom.

Speaker 2A:  He did the Golden Cup in Qatar —

Speaker 4Q:  Couple of years before that, right?

Speaker 2A:  No, no, he did —

Speaker 4Q:  Oh that same season?

Speaker 2A:  — in 11, 2011 he won the Oxygen Gym show.

Speaker 4Q:  Got you.

Speaker 2A:  He did the Golden Cup in Qatar 2011, now 2012, and the amateur Olympian 2012 and then the Qatar Golden Cup right after the amateur Olympian one more time.

Speaker 4Q:  How hard is it for you to communicate with him?

Speaker 2A:  Easy now because he’s spontaneous.

Speaker 4Q:  Oh so now he’s getting it?

[Inaudible Remark]

Speaker 2A:  He understands everything when we speak, you know, he’s just, when I see him he communicate easily but over the phone he is still —

Speaker 1Q:  Challenging?

Speaker 2A:  So we text.

Speaker 4Q:  And there you go that makes, that means better.

Speaker 2A:  Oh he is much better now, he is much better. He is just very quiet, you know, but when he opens up you can see, he starts talking. He understands everything you say. Wherever I go, you know, so how was Ramy, how is Ramy, people that we didn’t know before he even stepped on stage in New York.

Speaker 4Q:  It’s nuts how quickly after he won that Olympian that height was in just pay, will you guys, when flex took him up?

Speaker 2A:  It was nuts. I’ve gotten him, some flexing February because they didn’t know who he was.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2A:  So I sent some pictures, I said here, he’s coming to New York. Signed him right away and then I was doing my promotion on Facebook.

Speaker 1Q:  And you got him to get you, right?

Speaker 2A:  I was on — yeah, I got him, yeah.

Speaker 4Q:  He looked nutty in New York, he look great. he looked great at the Olympian too is just better, you know, but he would —

Speaker 2A:  He’s still young, he’s a young muscle. Give him a couple of more years, he’s 29, just turning 29.

Speaker 3Q:  Holy cow! He’s a giant.

Speaker 4Q:  And his quarter leg, no just —

Speaker 2A:  He’s 148 kilos right now.

Speaker 4Q:  Which I have no idea what that is with times that by two, that’s a lot of weight.

Speaker 1Q:  You multiply it by two.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2A:  330.

Speaker 4Q:  How tall would you — are there actually —

Speaker 2A:  140, so 308, he’s 140 so add eight kilos, which is 20 pounds.

Speaker 3Q:  Yeah, you’re right.

Speaker 2A:  Yeah, about 330.

Speaker 4Q:  How tall would you say he is?

Speaker 2A:  5’10”.

Speaker 4Q:  5’10” so like little bit —

Speaker 1Q:  Small, shorter than me, I mean shorter than me.

Speaker 2A:  5’10” and he’s wide and I’ve never seen a man like him and I’ve seen them all, I’ve seen Ramy, all of them. I’ve never seen anybody like that.

Speaker 1Q:  I saw a picture, I was there. We were in the fifth row every year and on the Beer and I see, I saw a picture from the Olympian stage, form our viewpoint, the camera, you know that camera swings down, it must a snap out something, it was Jay and the post down, Jay and Ramy —

Speaker 2A:  I posted the pictures.

Speaker 1Q:  I know like, oh shit —

Speaker 4Q:  Oh yeah really shoot on Jay, that was.

Speaker 2A:  He came for me and the pictures. I’ve posted them right next at five shots of him next to Jay where he could ask anybody —

Speaker 4Q:  That was a favorite though, you know.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 2A:  Anybody could —

Speaker 4Q:  You’re not going to be like Jay called him last week, typically you say you go.

Speaker 2A:  Just leaving no body building, you can ask anybody like who is going to — who is the Mr. Olympian, who is the rookie guy.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah that’s the shot right there.

Speaker 2A:  He’d be much better actually.

Speaker 1Q:  I believe yeah.

Speaker 2A:  He was nervous, he was there, I had never seen him so nervous because that was reality sets in right after the press conference and we all just like, oh, he realized I’m here.

Speaker 4Q:  I’m here, this is the show right here.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 2A:  These are the guys I looked up to in the magazine. You know.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 5Q:  That’s nice.

Speaker 1Q:  And he is — I saw a little a stand that Kai posted on the site on his page on Facebook where —

Speaker 2A:  Where he was, when he was get post down and kept them —

Speaker 1Q:  And he brought him and he brought him out my best there. Thank you. That was a classy thing to do. Because Ramy and you could tell Ramy was like —

Speaker 2A:  He don’t know, yeah, yeah good.

Speaker 1Q:  That was a throw, and I’m kind of the new guy he just kind of like —

Speaker 4Q:  Do you think you’ll ever be able to push Phil Heath?

Speaker 2A:  Next year.

Speaker 4Q:  Do you think next year, even that?

Speaker 2A:  I told you right now.

Speaker 4Q:  Alright, this is on camera.

Speaker 2A:  He will push whoever is there, next year and 2015 it will be crazy.

Speaker 4Q:  Awesome, that’s awesome.

Speaker 2A:  I’ll put it on camera, I’ll say he will be Mr. Olympia.

Speaker 3Q:  Oh yeah.

Speaker 4Q:  Okay.

Speaker 2A:  Yes.

Speaker 3Q:  Oh yeah.

Speaker 4Q:  How about Dennis Wolf then?

Speaker 2A:  Dennis Wolf, that’s —

Speaker 1Q:  Dennis Wolf will get second. Alright.

Speaker 2A:  Dennis Wolf has the same chances to be Mr. Olympian. It’s all the matter of who nails it in that day.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 2A:  You know, and the thing is Ramy has time on his side. He’s 29, these guys are 34 and 35. You know, in five years when these guys are retiring —

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2A:  And Ramy is at his peak.

Speaker 3Q:  How old is Dennis Moore?

Speaker 2A:  34.

Speaker 4Q:  Oh —

Speaker 2A:  So in five years, Ramy will be at his peak when these guys leaving.

Speaker 4Q:  He is going to be easy meat —

Speaker 1Q:  That you make a really good —

Speaker 2A:  I talking right now, I said don’t force —

Speaker 4Q:  He jumps in a party.

Speaker 2A:  –something in one or two years, take your time —

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 2A:  The muscle material will come in, and then you will beat there is nobody. I said, there will be nobody because it’s going to take another 10 and 15 years for another master to come up.

Speaker 4Q:  He beat other contestant at the party who I would consider age bracket wise and everything like that because everyone that New York pro before him —

Speaker 2A:  I know exactly.

Speaker 4Q:  — leapfrogged them, you know, so you —

Speaker 2A:  I know exactly because he beat me.

Speaker 4Q:  There you go, oh yeah.

Speaker 1Q:  Eric [inaudible] 0:07:27?

Speaker 4Q:  Oh shit, yeah I remember now.

Speaker 2A:  I was mad as hell.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah, well hey, you can revenge and —

Speaker 2A:  As a rookie he come beat then give to him, a rookie, oh like come on, let me tell you, dude it was good.


Speaker 2A:  Oh I paid mine for 15 years, still paying.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah, there is the true dude, you know.

Speaker 2A:  Yeah. Well like I said, you know, it’s not about who wins the show. It is about who has the foundation who does something that the people want to see and not to do —

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 2A:  — you know, want to hear about him, that’s what it’s all about. So you can be retired and still be in the game.

Speaker 1Q:  Well I’d like to see Ramy and once his English is up so, you know, when he can speak on his own at the press conference and you know —

Speaker 2A:  Next year, he will speak on his own.

Speaker 1Q:  — and do well, I’d like to see him stay humble.

Speaker 2A:  Oh he will.

Speaker 1Q:  — unlike maybe I don’t know —

Speaker 2A:  — he’s a humble dude.

Speaker 1Q:  — other people.

Speaker 2A:  He’s not, he’s — and he will never change, he’s so humble it’s unbelievable.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah, he seemed likable. He’s traveling, he speaking the word, you know, it was like —

Speaker 2A:  He has a translator and he was his friend, he didn’t know —

Speaker 1Q:  Is it yeah?

Speaker 2A:  He couldn’t even speak English.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah that when you came in and you started —

Speaker 2A:  I had people from Egypt email me and said, oh that was it, you know, because he is so humble and when he speaks, you know, this guy, you need to bring that across, you know, so —

Speaker 3Q:  Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah, sure, sure. Next year his English will going to be on par hub.

Speaker 3Q:  Is it, I mean to me I can — he seems elegant.

Speaker 2A:  Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1Q:  Okay, but this is the last question. How many calories Ramy eaten during —

Speaker 2A:  You’d be surprised he eats, a very little eater, you know, they are small eater, that’s him. He eats regular 3500 maybe.

Speaker 1Q:  Really?

Speaker 2A:  Yeah, he expects to eat a lot of things.

Speaker 4Q:  Yeah right.

Speaker 2A:  And people say oh really, he craves still, it was a bull shit.

Speaker 3Q:  He is just — hardly.

Speaker 2A:  He is just — this is just crazy genetics.

Speaker 1Q:  Yeah.

Speaker 2A:  You know, I mean you can take whatever you want, whatever is available. You don’t look like that in two years.

Speaker 4Q:  You in the top pro not, you know, Arnold that type of, that’s a pretty high standard to set for your —

Speaker 2A:  Yeah.

Speaker 1Q:  Probably.

Speaker 4Q:  — first contest out.

Speaker 2A:  Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 4Q:  Beating Decko Martinez who is number two at the Olympian, you know, like —

Speaker 2A:  Killed them.

Speaker 4Q:  Killed him at that, not just beat him.

Speaker 1Q:  Well, thank you again.

Speaker 2A:  Thank you.

Speaker 1Q:  Again, for coming in.

Speaker 3Q:  Yes, thank you so much, thank you, thank you.

Speaker 4Q:  And yeah, and go ahead, go ahead.

Speaker 2A:  You’re welcome.

Speaker 3Q:  Thank you very kind James.

[Cross Talks]

Speaker 2A:  No, no, not at all.