IFBB Pro Dennis James Tours MyOatmeal.Com!

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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Prep-Coach Dennis James visits the MyOatmeal factory, and creates his own bag of custom oats.

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“Dennis Tyron James was born in Heidelberg, Germany on 31 May 1966. His first NPC (National Physique Committee) competition was the NPC Junior USA of 1996, where he placed 13th. In 1999 he competed in his first Night of Champions, where he tied 14th. The following year, in 2000, he competed in his first Arnold Classic, placing 4th. His first Mr. Olympia was in 2000 as well, where he placed 11th. He has competed in a total of seven Mr. Olympias, with his highest placing coming in 4th in 2003. Dennis has been featured in many fitness and bodybuilding articles, including the cover of FLEX magazine. He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.” – http://www.dennis-james.com

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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dennis James Tours MyOatmeal_com Facility


Speaker 1: We got you all suited up and now we’re going to go and make some custom oatmeal for you. Now, you have an idea what it is that we do?


Dennis: Idea? I have an idea, of course.


Speaker 1: You know exactly what we do. So every order that we do is handmade. It’s all custom. So what we’re going to do is take you in the back. You can pick out your oats, pick your flavor. They are all sourced from the ice cream industry so if there’s a certain ice cream you like, we can apply that to your oatmeal.


Dennis: What kind of ice cream?


Speaker 1: Okay. Well, we’ll figure out when we go in there. So we got you a jacket.


Speaker 3: Classy.


Speaker 1: Hopefully, we get the size. So your show is in May?


Dennis: Yes, May on my birthday.


Speaker 2: Right.


Speaker 1: You had a good response from the vendor so far?


Speaker 3: Yes. Of course, we’re going to get it in the last minute and because it’s…


Speaker 2: I’m sorry.


Dennis: Oh, that’s okay. You can’t hurt me.


Speaker 2: I know.


Speaker 1: All right, for your feet, there’s one.


Dennis: Okay. The (0.58) I don’t know. My feet are too big for this.


Speaker 2: You want me to get a chair?


Speaker 1: Yeah. You don’t have any hair so you’re good. So this is just going to go over your face. It just kind of covers up your beard a little bit.


Speaker 2: over your ears.


Speaker 1: So this is it.


Speaker 2: Thank you.


Speaker 1: This is our little facility.


Speaker 3: You’re welcome.


Speaker 2: I know, I’ve already started making some orders this morning that’s why it smells so delightful.


Speaker 1: Yes. So I’ll show you a couple of things and let me get this door. We’ve got six different types of oats. When you go to the website. There’s the steel cut oats, there’s quick rolled oats, instant oats. We have organic gluten-free thick cut.


Speaker 2: They are so – these are amazing. They smell the best. When we fill this bin it just on their own, they smell real nutty and earthy. They are so good.


Speaker 1: Yeah.


Speaker 2: And the texture you can see, they’re thicker and really…


Speaker 3: In here flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds. Wow.


Speaker 2: So then you pick your oats and then you pick your sweeteners. We have Splenda, white cane sugar, brown cane sugar.


Speaker 1: You can do a combination, too.


Speaker 2: Yes, you can do a combination.


Speaker 1: So if you want to keep the sugar low but still gets some sweetness in there.


Speaker 2: And it’s important to use a sweetener even if you don’t sweeten it with us. It’s important to sweeten it because in order for the flavor to come through a little. Okay. So here are the flavors. Oh, actually they start over here. We have – let’s do it. Ready? Apple pie, banana bread, brown sugar, cake butter, cinnamon roll, dark caramel, maple, peanut butter, red velvet, vanilla cream, almond, black forest cake, butter pecan, butter rum, cheesecake, carrot cake, dulce de leche, eggnog, English toffee, German chocolate cake, Graham cracker crust, gingerbread, cherry cobbler, chocolate hazelnut, cookie dough, creme bulee, coconut cream pie, honey, horchata, key lime pie, icing, lemon meringue, mint chip, oatmeal cookie, old-fashioned glazed donut, peaches and cream, pumpkin spice, pistachio, smores, snickerdoodle, sugar cookie, strawberry shortcake, white cake, tiramisu, vanilla frosting and white chocolate and you can do a combination of any of those.


Speaker 1: You can do any combos.


Dennis: One this is missing.


Speaker 2: What?


Dennis: German chocolate.


Speaker 2: No, we got it.


Speaker 1: No, no. we got it it.


Dennis: You got German chocolate?


Speaker 2: Yes sir.


Dennis: Good.


Speaker 1: Sir we do.


Speaker 1: Open that one up just so he can.


Speaker 2: Sure.


Speaker 1: In German, I give if they have German…


Dennis: German chocolate?


Speaker 1: The same thing.


Speaker 2: He’s just like that.


Dennis: (03.25)


Speaker 1: There you go.


Speaker 2: Then we have fruits.


Speaker 3: Are they dry?


Speaker 2: No. They’re low moisture.


Speaker 3: Okay.


Speaker 2: So they’re…


Speaker 3: Not high.


Speaker 1: Low moisture, yeah. Like sometimes you would get like special K, you might get special K with red berries in it and where the berries are actually crisp and you crush them into a powder. These are not dry. These are – they are dryer but they’re low moisture so there’s still kind of squishy.


Speaker 2: One of the best ones that are the most unbelievable are these cherries. I’ll just show you really quick. But we have pears, peaches, currants, Turkish apricots, prunes, pineapples, apples, dates, golden raisins, cranberries, figs, mangoes, cherries, banana chip, blueberries, dark raisins, strawberries and coconut.


Speaker 3: So you are strictly like…


Speaker 2: Serious cherries.


Speaker 3: Internet orders.


Speaker 1: The only way that we sell product is through the internet.


Speaker 2: They are so good.


Speaker 3: Have you even tried to like sell on Strauss or anything like that?


Speaker 1: No. It really doesn’t interest me for a couple of reasons. First, because what we do is we customized orders. Every order is handmade. There are 22 billion combinations. Now we could take our most popular like banana bread is popular, cake bread is popular, we did make a popular blend and put into Strauss or something but Strauss is going to want 50 or 60% off. They’re going to want 90-day terms. We have a good margin here. We made good money. We don’t have to be huge.


Although, we are growing and we want to grow and be bigger, we just – I’m not trying to serve everybody. I’m trying to serve the people that appreciate a handmade specialty item. And part of what we do is we also like have community outreach so we give a lot of product away. We have oatmeal of the month club where somebody signs up. We donate a bag of oatmeal to a hungry child. We just started working with…


Speaker 2: Jewish family and Children’s Services.


Speaker 1: She has a friend who works there.


Speaker 2: Yes. She oversees over 300 kids who are in foster care and like, what’s the word, processing out of foster care because they are getting older and there are lots of kids there.


Speaker 1: There are other things. Like windows firefighters up in Yarnell the 19 firefighters died.


Dennis: Yeah.


Speaker 1: We went up there and we served oatmeal to the command center so all the police, the firefighters, even then we were serving the Red Cross.


Speaker 2: Yeah. It was pretty quick that the weekend that we went up, was the weekend that they were planning for memorial. So there were firefighters from all over the country and then we served firefighters from New York, and Texas.


Speaker 1: All there is oatmeal out there at four in the morning.


Dennis: Let’s say, for me, it will be too hard to decide what I want.


Speaker 1: It is For a lot of people.


Dennis: Because the option is this – because you want to try everything. Well, let’s say if somebody says I want whatever flavor with the oats and with the – you just throw it all in one bag.


Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah.


Speaker 2: Yeah. Actually, you can see I started a few orders this morning.


Speaker 3: Also you can have different sizes, too.


Speaker 1&2: Yeah.


Speaker 3: So in one order, you can have five different flavors.


Speaker 2: Yes. Right. Right.


Speaker 3: In separate bags.


Speaker 1: Yeah.


Speaker 3: Okay.


Speaker 1: The first step on the website is to pick the size bag you want.  a pound, two and a quarter, four pounds. A lot of people doing contest prep get a four-pound bag with a little bit of flavors of sucralose and they keep it at just as the sponsored athletes that we have, that we send them up the same stuff all the time. Some people like we just picked via IFBB Pro (06.50), these guys are (06.52) at nationals. I talked a little while ago. We just send them stuff. Just here you go. Here’s more. Here is more. Other people want no sugar. Other people want no fruits. So they can customize it and make is as healthy or as calorie-dense and sugar laden as they like.


Dennis: You got be pretty far out for being only six months though, because I read about you guys everywhere.


Speaker 1: Yeah.


Speaker 2: You do?


Dennis: Yes, I do.


Speaker 2: Oh, my goodness.


Dennis: Yeah, yeah.


Speaker 1: I’ve been, you know I’ve been…


Dennis: I read about you guys before I heard about you. I didn’t know what it was my oatmeal. I say what’s with my oatmeal?


Speaker 2: Yeah.


Speaker 1: You’re ready to make a bag of oatmeal for yourself?


Dennis: I’m not ready to decide what I want.


Speaker 2: Well, I think we should make something with German chocolate cake.


Dennis: I let you decide, how was that?


Speaker: Because you suggested and you asked.


Dennis: Because I’m from Germany. I’m half German so and I’m chocolates and I called myself German chocolate.


Speaker 2: But it’s it’s amazing. It’s amazing.


Dennis: I know. I know.


Speaker 2: It’s amazing flavor.


Speaker 1: We should put that on our website.


Speaker 2: Yeah. Yeah.


Dennis: I’m the real German chocolate.


Speaker 2: Nice.


Speaker 1: Well, let’s get something started. I tell you what my favorite is, but we make whatever. I like – where there are two now. I like cake butter with the cherries that we have.


Dennis: I had cake butter ice cream not too long ago and that was good.


Speaker 1: Yeah. The same basic idea, same basic stuff but our horchata mixed with almond that is phenomenal.


Speaker 2: A Mexican.


Speaker 1: Yeah. What we got – let’s see horchata and dulce de leche. You can do both of those.


Speaker 2: I love that. That’s my favorite.


Speaker 1: She likes dulce de leche.


Speaker 2: Yeah. That’s my favorite.


Speaker 1: Okay.


Speaker 2: Oh, my gosh.


Speaker 1: I’m going to get this for you, baby.


Speaker 2: Okay.


Speaker 1: I’ll let you take care of this.


Dennis: What’s horchata? What is it?


Speaker 3: Horchata is a rice cinnamon drink.


Speaker 2: Here, I like the smell.


Speaker 3: You know to have that milky – it’s a rice drink.


Dennis: I think I like it.


Speaker 1: Do you go to a real Mexican restaurant? You’ll get horchata.


Dennis: I don’t know. I never go to a Mexican restaurant because I don’t know what to order.


Speaker 1: It’s good.


Dennis: I have no idea about Mexican food. I know only Taco Bell.


Speaker 2: Really?


Speaker 1: Really.


Dennis: But I don’t know what they sell.


Speaker 1: When the order comes through on the website, it will print off a – she can show you right there. There’s a formula that comes out of that. You’ll get an actual recipe that’s broken down because the flavor is 6% of the dry weight of the oats; the sugar is 35% of that combination. Right now, we’re just going eyeball it.


Speaker 2: He knows.


Speaker 1: I have it in my head how much of each needs to go in there for.


Dennis: For me, more I just add some something.


Speaker 1: Yup. That’s pretty much and we like you to go on the shy side, if we had too much sugar or sucralose, you stuck. You can always add more combo if you want a little bit more which she did. It’s probably like 10 or 15 packs equivalent.


Dennis: I used four cup of oatmeal, I used eight packs, eight to nine.


Speaker 1: Are you serious?


Dennis: Yes, I am.


Speaker 1: That is a lot of.


Speaker 2: Packs.


Dennis: I know.


Speaker 1: That is – wow.


Dennis: The sucralose and the flavor are all mixed up.


Speaker 2: Would you like – what type of — do you say prunes?


Speaker 1: You know what? People joked but our prunes they’re phenomenal.


Dennis:  Ill be in the bathroom all day.


Speaker 1: Our cherries are delicious.


Speaker 2: It tastes so really good.


Speaker 3: With the dulce, with the dulce.


Speaker 2: That’s why I love the dulce because you can add anything to it. I like dates.


Dennis: I try the cherries.


Speaker 2: Cherries? Okay.


Speaker 3: Figs.


Speaker 2: Yeah.


Speaker 1: Figs are good.


Speaker 2: My dates and the fig.


Speaker 1: You can do figs and Graham cracker crust flavor and kind of get like fig newton.


Dennis: I want the cherry and the strawberry, can you mix it?


Speaker 2: Of course we can.


Speaker 1: Yeah. You can do whatever you want to do, man.


Dennis: Yeah, let’s make strawberries and cherry cherries. Absolutely old school.


Speaker 1: Here you go. This is twice the size now so just probably.


Speaker 2: Let’s do one.


Speaker 1: Well, how much do you want? You want more cherries, you want more strawberries, you want equal amount?


Dennis: Equal amount.


Speaker: I would do it probably two maybe. Yeah, those cherries those in the cake butter that’s like probably my very favorite mix.


Dennis: Yeah?


Speaker 1: Yeah. It’s – cake butter is great, the horchata and almond.


Dennis: Yeah. Almond.


Speaker 1: We’ll show you this one here.


Speaker 2: Put that and help me out with oatmeal cookie.


Speaker 1: Oatmeal cookie. Here is your oatmeal cookie.


Speaker 2: Cinnamon butter on the left.


Speaker 1: She’s the one who is actually making this stuff all the time. Be careful.


Speaker 2: Oh, yeah. Right. This is how I smell. It smells so good.


Speaker 3: Wow.


Speaker 2: Okay. Any nuts or seeds?


Dennis: Yes. Almond.


Speaker 1: It smells almond.


Dennis: Oh, pecans, pecans, pecans.


Speaker 2: Pecans, pecans.


Speaker 1: So how many people are you expecting at your show? How many competitors? Any idea? I know it’s early.


Dennis: It will be a huge show.


Speaker 2: What kind of oats would you like? Would you like to make the bag? I don’t know how dirty you want to get.


Dennis: No, I let you do it. I want you. I would like…


Speaker 1: Here you go.


Speaker 2: Old fashioned glazed donut.


Dennis: Definitely gluten free.


Speaker 2: The thick one?


Dennis: No. I like the thin ones though. I like the kind of instant.


Speaker 2: The quick one?


Dennis: Yeah.


Speaker 1: Those organic-gluten free oats, those are the tasty ones right there. The steel cut oats and then we have one called smashed blend where you can mix them all.


Speaker 2: Thank you.


Speaker 1: There you go. So what it is this one that Dennis made?


Speaker 2: Gluten-free oats with Slenda, dulce de leche, cherries, and strawberries and pecans.


Speaker 1: Yes.


Dennis: Yes.


Speaker 2: Dulce de leche.


Speaker 1: And one more thing I need to tell you guys is that when you go to the website, it actually prints off the –


Speaker 2: The nutrition facts.


Speaker 1: – the nutrition facts label for you.


Speaker 3: Oh, really?


Speaker 1: So you know your carbs, your fats, your protein and fiber and micros and macros.


Speaker 2: Right.


Dennis: First of all, let me say thanks to My Oatmeal right here at MyOatmeal.com right here in Tempe, Arizona which is also one of our main sponsors at the NPC Dennis James Classic coming up May31, 2014. Here’s my assistant Danielle Ferragamo.


Danielle: Vegerano.


Dennis: Vegerano. Oh, I forgot its Mexican. I thought was a German and like I said, yes the show is upcoming on May 31, 2014. Everybody is welcome.