IFBB Pro Felicia Romero

admin October 11, 2013 Comments

Episode 23 is a special episode, there was an iconic sports figure that wore that number and episode 23 features an iconic figure in the bodybuilding and fitness world – IFBB Pro Felicia Romero

“I was born and raised in Arizona. I went to ASU and got my B.A. in political science…as well as played collegiate softball for ASU. I love sports and competing, I can’t imagine my life without some sort of goal that I am working towards. When something seems hard that pushes me that much harder to achieve it. I love fitness and being healthy. Dieting and competing in figure competitions helps keep me on track. I also fitness model…I have been in Muscle and Fitness Hers a variety of times as well as been featured in the June issue of Flex magazines swimsuit issue. The way I look at it is life is too short to not do what makes you happy….reach for your dreams because they can become reality.” – http://contest.bodybuilding.com/bio/6697/