IFBB Pro Jillian Reville To Undergo Open Heart Surgery

admin October 25, 2013 Comments


IFBB Physique Pro JillyRev had a mini stroke during the Olympia weekend. The biggest symptom was blurry and partial loss of vision. ……Once she saw a doctor she realized how serious it all was, they not only told her she had a stroke, but also discovered a hole in her heart (birth defect called Patent Foreman Ovale). Read the full story written by SweetCapri here…… http://amandasweetcapri.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-heart-of-warrior.html ……You can only imagine how stressful and scary this time is for her. I know Jill will get through this, and thrive once again. We at SC wish her the very best!” – Sioux Country