IFBB Pro Mike Liberatore Joins Team Blackstone labs

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“Blackstone Labs is excited to announce that IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Michael Liberatore will be joining the company. Michael earned his pro status winning the 2008 NPC Nationals. Since then, he has competed 7 times as a professional, placing in the Top 5 at both the Europa Dallas and Europa Orlando competitions.

Liberatore is one of the great untapped minds in the sport of bodybuilding. His knowledge in training, nutrition, and hormones is beyond reproach. Michael has continually peaked for every show he has entered both as an amateur and professional.

His role with Blackstone Labs will be immediate and very interactive. He will be writing articles, posting on the forum, answering to an active Q&A, filming training videos of not only his workouts, but exercise strategies and methodologies. And on top of that, will be hosting a new radio show with his wife, IFBB Pro Bikini competitor Christina Liberatore!

Our goal is for every member at Blackstone Labs to have the opportunity to learn from not only a current IFBB Pro, but also a very open and honest person. Liberatore will be taking on new clients for those interested in working with him up close and personal. You can contact Mike atMCIFBB@gmail.com!

Our C.E.O., Aaron Singerman, said this about Michael joining the team, ‘I’ve been friends with Mike for years, and I have always been impressed by how interested he was in learning every aspect of bodybuilding. Over the years his interest has turned into expertise. I’m excited to say that Mike will be giving everyone a glimpse into what it really takes to be an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, and at the same time he’ll be providing valuable accurate information to the fans!'”



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