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My Oatmeal

Iron Affinity in combination with our sponsors Blackstone Labs (BlackstoneLabs.Co), More Human Than Human Clothing (B-MHTH.Com), and MyOatmeal (MyOatmeal.Com) will be featuring different select athlete’s profiles on a biweekly basis for

The goal of this project and Iron Affinity in general is to garnish support and positive exposure for athletes (and get them some cool free stuff in the process). Selected athletes will have a profile feature about themselves on the site which will include some basic information, photos, competition history, future plans, and much more. Along with this profile feature on the site, athletes will also be receiving a sweet prize package with both a container of the pre-workout Angel Dust from Blackstone labs, assorted oatmeal flavors form My Oatmeal, and a More Human Than Human article of clothing (shirt)

 BSL Angel Dust Iron Affinity

If you are interested in applying, please click the “Contact Iron Affinity” button at the bottom of the page, and put the subject line “Featured Athlete”

Be sure to include a little basic information about yourself, such as your contest history, age, current location, home gym, and your own personal achievements you’re proud of both inside and out of the industry. Anyone is free to enter  and there are no limitations as to who can apply, but we will first be looking to highlight top national level NPC athletes and Natural Professionals who are underexposed



This will be a continuing project, and hopefully there will be many selections over time, so if you are not selected once that does not mean you will not potentially  be selected in the future. This is a developing concept, and we want to feature the athletes as best a way as possible, in hopes that in the future there can hopefully be even more prizes and exposure for the them.

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