IA Daily: Joel Thomas, Tampa Debut

admin July 11, 2015 Comments

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Joel Thomas take a bodybuilding stage; however, a few weeks from now the former perennial National level powerhouse will be making his long awaited IFBB debut, at the 2015 Tampa Pro.

Joel burst onto the scene in 2010, with a 5th place finish at the NPC Nationals, where he quickly captured everyone’s attention. After this taste of success, Thomas couldn’t quite manage to put all the pieces together, failing to bring the combination of fullness and conditioning fans and judges had been expecting. After a hard fought battle at the 2013 NPC Nationals, with eventual Super Heavyweight winner Ryan Pateracki, Thomas finally managed to snag an IFBB professional card, coming in 2nd place.

Joel Thomas_2015_IFBB_Tampa ProNearly two years later, Joel Thomas is finally appears ready to step out of the shadows and onto a pro stage. He will be sure to find himself standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the IFBB’s battle tested veterans, as they look to seize one of the last opportunities of earning a check or victory, as well as last minute Olympia qualification.

During his time away from the stage Thomas has obviously put in some serious work and dedication. This has resulted in the addition of pro-quality muscle, that he’ll need to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Though expectations for an IFBB debut are realistic, one has to wonder of Joel’s done enough to turn himself into a legitimate top ten-contender in the IFBB.

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