IA Daily: Jon Delarosa, Wings of Strength Contender

admin July 3, 2015 Comments

While we’ve heard a lot of talk headed into this weekend’s Chicago Pro about the emergence of Akim Williams as a rising star, Michael Lockett’s thirteen day contest prep, and the long awaited pro debut of Kevin Jordan, somehow the most decorated athlete in the lineup has managed to fly way under the radar. Coming off of a year that saw him string together six top ten finishes, and make his debut appearance on the Olympia stage, Jon Delarosa looked to be primed and ready to hit the stage and pick right back up where he left off last season.

Jon DeLarosa_Chicago_Wings Of Strength

Once again, Delarosa and coach Chris Aceto managed to put together a very productive offseason. Delarosa looks to be bringing in noticeably new thickness throughout his chest, shoulders, and back. Given the lack of Olympia caliber depth in this lineup, it presents a golden opportunity for Delarosa to come in, secure his first pro win, and gain a little bit of momentum headed into the Olympia.

When he’s at his best, Delarosa has already proven that he can hold his own against some of the best athletes in the sport. But whether or not he’ll have enough to fend off a surging Akim Williams, and Michael Lockett, who’s allegedly coming to the stage better than ever, remains yet to be seen.

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