IA Daily: Jon Ward, USA Super-Heavyweight Threat / USAs

admin July 24, 2015 Comments

Today kicks-off action at the USA Championships, where some of the country’s top amateur athletes are set to battle it out to graduate to the pro ranks. With some many contesnders, it’s difficult to forecast who might see their name in the record books, as the next successor in a long line of great overall-champions that have emerged from the contest. A person that immediately stands out is last year’s runner-up in the Super Heavyweight class, Big Jon Ward.


After kicking around at the top of the division on the National scene for the last few years, where consistency always seemed to be an issue, last year Ward finally nailed it, coming in with what was unquestionably his all-time combination of size, conditioning, and fullness. Despite his heroic efforts, Ward didn’t quite have enough in the tank to overtake eventual Super-Heavyweight / Overall Winner, Nick Trigili. With Trigili out of the way, the stage appears to be set for Ward to march into Las Vegas and claim a title that was so close he could practically taste it in 2014.

At the moment Ward is looking absolutely enormous, and tipped the scales at over 330 pounds at one point during the offseason. If he recaptures that magic formula, and brings in conditioning better than what he brought last year, Jon will be a significant threat. However, should the he revert back to his old hit or miss form, he could find himself on the outside looking in, once again.

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