IA Daily: IFBB Pro. Joshua Thompson, Guest Posing

admin April 12, 2015 Comments

Rookie IFBB professional bodybuilder Joshua Thompson, recently made his first appearance as a guest poser at the Vancouver USA natural classic. Josh attained pro status at last year’s USAs contest, where he won a large bantamweight class under the tutelage of Coach Matt Porter.

“Out of all the trophies that I have this one is my absolute favorite it was awarded to me last night after guest posing it’s a acknowledgment of my success my willingness to inspire others to be great and achieve what they think is impossible and I am honored to have this trophy”¬†

Bodybuilding Trophy

(2015 NPC Vancouver USA Natural USA – Guest Performer

For Our Interview with Joshua: Click Here 

“Great picture with my blended family. My coach, his wife my baby’s and my amazing supportive girlfriend. I had a amazing time meeting and talking to everyone at the show!”


Guest Posing

Josh with his Coach Matt Porter