IA Daily: Justin Compton Sits Out 2015 Olympia

admin April 22, 2015 Comments

News of Justin Compton’s decision to forgo the Olympia earlier this week seemed to stir up a bit of speculation as to whether or not the emerging superstar did in fact make the right decision for his career at this point in time.

Justin Compton_2014 Arnold_2015 Olympia_BodybuildingProponents of ‘the decision,’ point out that while Compton may have improved by leaps and bounds, seemingly adding heaps of new muscle at will over the last two years, he still has a few very large mountains to conquer that go by the names of Rhoden, Greene, Warren, Jackson, Martinez, Morel, Kuclo, and Wolf, before he can even be considered a real threat to Phil Heath – who also decided to forgo the Olympia himself once upon a time.

However, on the other side of the coin, detractors seem to err on the side of stepping up to the biggest stage, getting his feet wet, and seeing where exactly it is that he falls in the lineup – which could possibly be seen as a win-win. Should he perform better than expected, it would be viewed as an unequivocal victory; should he flame out spectacularly, it would serve as a catalyst for what looks to be a very bring future.

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