Justin Compton: The Next Generation of Bodybuilding Has Arrived

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It is not often people associate Compton with blonde hair, blue eyes, and 240 pounds of ripped muscle, but within the bodybuilding community the term is quickly finding new definition. At just 25 years old, ‘rising star’ would be an understatement if used to describe IFBB professional bodybuilder Justin Compton, instead supernova would be much more apt. With classic lines, full / round muscle bellies, and spot on dick-skin conditioning, Justin is setting a new precedent for young IFBB professionals and aspiring bodybuilders alike.

Justin Compton is by no means a new face to the hardcore bodybuilding fan and not even technically an IFBB rookie, but looking back on this weekend and Compton’s win at the Orlando Europa, many will view it as a debut of sorts for him. Not only did this weekend solidify Compton as a great bodybuilder, but also established that he is likely a force to be reckoned with for years to come. So sit back and enjoy viewing greatness while you have the opportunity.

Justin Compton Bodybuilder Teen Comparison

Just a few short years ago many if not most fans of bodybuilding had no idea who Justin Compton was, and why would they? Besides an awesome base structure, Justin showed no particular signs of greatness beyond that of your typical committed teen bodybuilder, but as his physique rapidly developed this status of anonymity was lost. This is because in the brief time Justin’s been competing he has already become a seasoned bodybuilder, having developed his physique and reaching a level of success in the sport that most only dream of during their competitive careers, and all by the age of 25.

The first indications of Justin’s potential shined through at the 2011 NPC Junior National Championships, it was at this contest he lost to (the future) IFBB Pro Kevin Jordan. Justin received a very respectable 2nd-place in a stacked lineup, filled with other future professionals and seasoned competitors including Akeim Williams (before his jump to Supers) and Chad Martin (a former Jr’s Champion.) As quickly as this glimmer of potential began to shine through, it was just as quickly forced to recede back to the shadows after Justin was overlooked at the NPC Nationals that same year, receiving 13th place.

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It is important to note just how overlooked Justin was at the 2011 Nationals because it makes his feats since then that much more impressive, as even then he had striated glutes and the insane structure / muscle that earned him professional status in 2012. Most concluded that in 2011 Justin simply didn’t get a good look or chance to compare with the guys at the top of his class, and possibly had to ‘pay dues.’ While some may look at this placing and be deterred and discouraged by the events of the 2011 Nationals, instead, Justin came back the next year to the same contest and took his class, with many arguing he should have taken home the overall.

Compton Yersky Comparison Bodybuilding 2012 NPC Nationals

Compton (HW) & Yersky (SHW) at 2012 NPC Nationals

Following his win at nationals Justin made his rookie debut at the 2013 IFBB Chicago Pro Championships, where he received 5th place. Though he did not take the whole show at his rookie debut many felt Justin held his own in a tough lineup, especially when you take into consideration that every one of the competitors above him was a veteran of the Olympia stage. While this placing was noted by most enthusiasts who were already aware of Compton, it did not seem to put him on any additional radars of the casual bodybuilding fan. But all this would change during his most recent off-season leading up to this weekend’s Orlando Pro.

It was obviously a productive off-season for Compton, not only did he sign a presumably large contract with Gear Nutra, but also was notably larger at his expo appearances. As a result there was finally a moderate groundswell of hype developing around Compton, especially after the announcement of his signing to Gear Nutra around the same time as 212lb champion, Aaron Clark. This hype would come to a head just a few days ago when Justin released photos of himself 4 days out of the Orlando Pro, looking much like a younger Dennis Wolf, with notably better calves. Since just last year Compton’s physique has already vastly improved, and it would seem he is still just filling out his frame. This weekend confirmed that the hype was beyond deserved, as Justin came home with his first IFBB professional win, topping a very competitive but notably smaller Jon De La Rosa, who ended up in the 2nd position.

People are always looking for the next big thing, and bodybuilding is no exception. As a result, many competitors receive a relatively underserved and large amount of hype. Though obviously a great bodybuilder, an example of this is Steve Kuclo, someone who was young, photogenic, and has a great physique, but ultimately many feel Steve will fall short of what they predicted him to be, the next Jay Cutler. Where Steve posseses weaknesses in his physique, such as a blocky waist and difficulty coming in with the proper amount of fullness and condition, Compton does not, having come in condition to every contest he has entered, as well as a phenomenal V-taper and genetically blessed width of waist and ratio to shoulders. We may have been presumptuous in our declarations of Steve as the next Jay Cutler, but one could make a legitimate argument in Compton’s case.

It would seem that Justin Compton has all the the tools required for success ready and at his disposal, allowing him to potentially go as far as he would like in the sport of bodybuilding. At just 25 years old, Justin has already qualified for the Olympia, the most prestigious event in bodybuilding. While it is doubtful he could be competitive for the title this year, he shows enough promise to possibly make the top 10 if he chooses to do so, and holds the potential to be a threat for years to come. Phil Heath has nothing to worry about right now, his throne appears safe for a long time, but Ronnie Coleman probably didn’t perceive Jay Cutler as a threat when Jay was getting last place at his Olympia debut…

Pic from Muscular Development Magazine, Dan Ray

Pic from Muscular Development Magazine