IA Daily: Kevin Jordan, IFBB Debut Preview!

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We’re just a few weeks away from kicking off what promises to be another exciting rendition of the Chicago Pro. As we head into the men’s IFBB Open bodybuilding contest, we see a few interesting story lines emerge, including the pro debut of Kevin Jordan.

Back in 2013 Jordan won the Super-Heavyweight and Overall titles at NPC Nationals in impressive fashion, bringing in a level of size, and conditioning that we’d never seen from him before. In the two years since Jordan claimed his title, we haven’t heard or seen much from him outside of sporadic Instagram pictures of the ‘ProteinPapi,’ that mysteriously managed to never capture anything from the waist down.

Kevin Jordan_Instagram_IFBB_Bodybuilding

(we cropped the toiled out)

As the show has drawn closer, slowly but surely Jordan has been leaking out a few progress pictures, giving us a sneak preview of what’s to come during his recent guest-posing in Wisconsin. Though the footage from this guest-posing is about the same quality as a Bigfoot sighting (equally as rare as a IG pic with Kevin’s legs;) from what we can see, Jordan certainly appears to have put his time away from the stage to good use, looks to have added quite a bit of size, and putting many of his doubter’s questions to rest; appearing to be on-tack for great condition with full quads!

Kevin Jordan_Guest Posing_2015_Chicago_ProteinPopiDuring his amateur career one of the knocks on Jordan was that despite his obvious genetic gifts, he never quite captured the level of conditioning we expect to see from athletes who seemed destined to be future pros. Together with Chad Nicholls, the due seems to have found Kevin’s formula when they got the card at the NPC Nationals; and with over a month to go until unveiling his professional debut, Kevin Jordan appears to be a threat at any contest he enters.

The Chicago Pro lineup has been quietly high in quality, and it’s more than likely this year will be no exception. However, if he’s able to come improved from his Nationals package, Kevin Jordan is likely to shake up the IFBB professional ranks, with a Top-5 finish, if not a lot better.

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