Lloyd Herford Road to NPC Nationals: Volume 1

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As the contest season is getting into full swing I wanted to do a training and nutrition series on INOV8 Elite Performance Coach and Athlete Lloyd Herford. This series will be an in-depth look into Lloyds training, nutrition and recovery aspects that are going into his preparation for NPC Nationals this year where he will be competing as a light heavy weight. As changes are made and different phases of programming are implemented I will be writing about those changes so that you can stay up to date in his current programming.

LLoyd Herford NPC Bodybuilder Contest Prep INOV8

Before we get into what Lloyd is currently doing I want to give you a little insight into Lloyds previous history both in training and as a competitor. Lloyd and I started working together during the mid way point of his competition season in 2011 and he has been improving consistently ever since. One thing I want to touch on about Lloyd that I truly believe that sets him apart is his mental approach to this sport, he has believed in his abilities since day one and the potential that he has within this sport and does not let the noise from others or distractions that could be present with any normal young adult distract him from his ultimate goal of becoming a successful IFBB pro. As with any competitor I believe that success starts with setting a plan in place and believing in that plan as well as following it through to its fruition. Early on he had some growing pains you could say within this sport as the potential and shape was there but it was just simply a matter of time that was needed as he needed to grow and improve into the structure that he possessed. Lloyd had a break out season last year and he has been building upon that momentum ever since. Last season we teamed up with Shelby Starnes who controlled Lloyds diet and I continued to do all of his training programming leading him up to his overall win at the NPC Clash of the Capstone in Alabama which was followed up by his overall victory at NPC Collegiate Nationals as a middleweight.

(Below you can see Lloyd’s competition history up to this point.)

LLoyd Herford NPC Bodybuilder Contest Prep INOV82007 Mr. Atlanta 1st teen lightweight

2007 Mr Ga 2nd teen light weight

2008 Mr Atlanta 1st teen lightweight and overall teen

2008 Mr GA 1st teen light weight

2010 Mr Atlanta open Middle weight 3rd

2010 Southern USA open Middle weight no place

2011 Eastern Seaboard open middle weight 5th

2012 Battle at the River open middle weight 4th

2012 Mr Ga. open middle weight 3rd

2013 Clash at the Capstone open middleweight 1st and overall

2013 Collegiate Nationals middle weight 1st and overall

LLoyd Herford NPC Bodybuilder Contest Prep INOV8


Coming off of this victory we had a decision to make and that was to continue on and compete on the National stage as a middleweight or go back to the drawing board and continue to improve. Lloyds desire is to not just make an impact on the National stage but continue that on by making an impact in the pro ranks, and he knew that an impact like that would not have been made with his current middleweight size, so back to work we went!


This current off-season has been very successful thus far and we made two changes to this off-season that were different than previous seasons. One of the changes we made coming into his current improvement season was that he started out with more rest. For a solid 8 weeks this past fall, Lloyd went into the gym and trained but this was more for health reasons and to just stay active. During this time he was not following any programming, training frequency and intensity was lowered and I believe that he really benefitted from this off time. Another change we implemented that has been different from the past is that we have put into place periods of mini cuts in order to continue to be improving throughout his off-season rather than stalling out. Lloyd like many other bodybuilders seems to have a breaking point with off-season calories where he reaches a certain point and he is no longer improving, hunger drops, eating is a chore and because of that his training also takes a hit.

I am a big proponent of health within bodybuilding and apart of that to me is digestion and insulin sensitivity. In order to improve both of these factors we have implemented periods of caloric deficits to aid in insulin sensitivity as well as improve his digestion and give his GI tract a break overall from massive amounts of foods. These two factors of allowing his body to rest more and implementing mini cuts have made a significant impact on the progress that he has made thus far this off-season. His latest cut which started January 1 through February 28th of this year brought him from a current off-season high of 208 lbs down to 193 lbs am weight upon waking. Lloyd does have a good metabolism and he does respond very well through small phases of caloric deficits. Even this latest cut that was implemented we were able to actually reverse diet through most of the process. His diet started out with 60g fat/250g carbs/320g of protein in January and he finished the diet while continuing to lose weight the entire time with 95g fat/325g carbs/320g protein. As you can see those were pretty significant macronutrient increases throughout the 8 weeks of dieting. This leads us up to where we are now, back to pushing the calories and training as the pedal is down to the floor with November quickly approaching.

 LLoyd Herford NPC Bodybuilder Contest Prep INOV8

Here is his starting plan for this current phase of his Nutrition. As calories are being increased we have also increased training frequency, as you will see below (detailed out in Volume 1 Part 2 of this series). This current phase we plan on implementing for 4-6 weeks based off of the feedback he is getting from his body in terms of recovery and training intensity that he is able to maintain. Below you will see a breakdown of Lloyds training and off day macros and an example of his training day diet. Fats are implemented predominantly not around training as well as on his off days. Being that we are pushing carbohydrates with the high frequency of his current training programming a majority of his carb sources are high GI sources that are easily digested for him, this is more of a personal preference than anything. My preferred method as a coach is to set the macronutrients (amounts of fats/carbs/proteins) that I would like the athletes I am working with to hit on a daily basis and lay out some options as far as how they can fill their macronutrients for the day.

I want the athletes I am working with to be actively involved in in their journey and be understanding the process rather than just having a sheet or set diet that does not allow any personal flexibility and freedom of preference. Again here digestion is key for me in terms of performance and we all do not respond to all foods equally so apart of this is finding within the guidelines which foods suit you best in terms of not creating a bloated or gassy feeling as well as aiding in digestion not taking away from it.

Current Macronutrient Breakdown Training

Fat: 60
Carbohydrate: 650
Protein: 320
Fiber: 25g min

 Current Macronutrient Breakdown Off Day

Fat: 100
Carbohydrate: 250
Protein: 320
Fiber: 25g min

*** 1 Free Meal Free/Date Night Meal per week ideally on an off day from training


Meal Set Up

LLoyd Herford NPC Bodybuilder Contest Prep INOV8Following protocol needs to be utilized and repeated in a cycle leading up to both training sessions

Meal 1/6 – 1.5 hours before work out AM/PM

Egg Whites and Jasmine rice

Macros: Trace Fats/50g/50g

Meal 2/7 – Pre Workout

Cream of rice, with honey and banana mixed in.

Meal consists of 40-50g of carbs and trace amounts of fat and protein.

Meal 3/8 – Training Shake

50% mixture of Highly Branch Cyclic Dextrins/Gatorade and peptopro

Macros: Trace Fats/80-100g carbs/25g protein

Training supplements

6g of Citrulline Malate

6g of beta alanine

5g of glutamine

Meal 4/9 – Post Workout

Jasmine rice or white/sweet potato with a lean protein source either chicken/turkey/fish

Macros: Trace/80-100g carbs/50g protein

Meal 5/10 – Mid day and Evening meal

Options to fill fat and protein needs along with a green veggie

Fats: (coconut, olive, red palm, evoo oil) Red meat, Egg Yolks, Nut Butters

Carbs: Green Veggie

Protein: Eggs, Beef, Lean Meat source, Whey


This diet pattern is followed for both AM and PM training sessions.

***Note trace fats are accounted for and added to daily macronutrient goals

Ranges are given but all macronutrients need to be accounted for daily.


Be sure to follow along for part 2 of this series as I will lay out all of Lloyds current training and the reasoning behind his current training programming that we are implementing.


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