IA Daily: Mahmoud Al Durrah, Recovering For His Return

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After decimating the Middleweight class at Canadian Nationals back in 2013, it looked like bodybuilder Mahmoud Al Durrah was on the fast track to earning his long awaited IFBB Pro card. After his most productive offseason yet, one in which he added fourteen pounds of dense muscle, Al Durrah headed into last year expecting to make some major noise once again on the Canadian National scene. But after a disheartening finish on the stage, and suffering traumatic second / third degree burns from a kitchen accident on his leg, hands, and feet away from the stage, 2014 turned out to be a memorable year for Al Durrah – but not quite in the way that he was expecting.

Despite the fact that he suffered two major setbacks in his quest to one day take the IFBB stage, Al Durrah remains undeterred, and appears to be on the path to recovery. Recently Al Durrah told Iron Affinity exclusively:

“My recovery is going well. I’m fully recovered, but only left with thick scars from the burns. This is part of life; injury is not new to me, and I don’t just mean physically. I’ve learned how to set my attitude to climb out of holes. And honestly sometimes it adds spice to the relationship between me and the Iron.
I’ll be doing CBBF Nationals again, God willing, this July. It’s going to be a busy year with Durabolic Nutrition launching this summer, but I’m hoping to rectify last year’s placing. Man, from placing first to no placing, that’s tough to deal with, but it’s a good learning experience in a new weight category. I’m excited, this year is going to be good!”

Post Burn

Post Burn

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