IA Daily: Mamdouh Elssbiay aka Big Ramy, Arnold Brazil Sneak-Peak

admin May 27, 2015 Comments

Nuckin’ Futs… I’m not a fan of butchering the English language with casual slang; however, after seeing pictures of Mamdouh Elssbiay aka Big Ramy, posing alongside Olympia Physique runner-up Sadik Hadzovi, it was a struggle to come up with another term that as accurately describes how mind-boggling these images are… Nuckin’ Futs.


Just a few days until Elssbiay steps on the bodybuilding stage once again, this time at the much anticipated Arnold Brazil. It appears he may finally be enroute to capture the 2003 Coleman-esque physique that we’ve all been waiting for. It’s much too early to decide if Big Ramy will push Phil Heath, this year or ever for the Olympia title, though he one of the few who seems capable. Either way, it feels like Ramy’s physique is about to enter another realm, possibly delivering the type of performance that is Sandow worthy, or at  the least leapfrog Kai Greene as top-contender.


This year’s Arnold Brazil is one of, if not the deepest lineup we’ve seen this year, outside the Olympia. Should Ramy in all his Nuckin’ Futs glory manage to decidedly win the title in Brazil, it may be just the momentum he needs to have his first dominant performance on the Olympia stage.

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