Why So Many South American ‘Synthol’ Freaks?

admin July 28, 2014 Comments

Both bodybuilders and society in general are often curious as to why there seems to be so many South Americans and other people around the world with freaky ‘synthol’ body parts. Many come to baseless assumptions as to the techniques and methods used to acquire these physiques…. but the fact of the matter is in the vast majority of these cases, this abuse is not of Synthol at all, which is often far too expensive for the people in these regions to afford, especially at quantities needed for that type of abuse. Instead, some of these people are using legal (in their country) veterinary grade hormones, that because of the regulation have been heavily diluted.

The result is a readily available and sterile short-term site enhancement oil, accompanied with hormone intended for animal use. The title indicates Southern America, but it is limited to this region only because I know people in the area who practice this, but have a nagging suspicion it is done worldwide. What many fail to recognize is that often the largest of these ‘freaks’ is being supplied directly from their local veterinarian and or pharmacy; as compounds are readily available via prescription (mostly to animals) in the majority of these nations. These compounds were diluted under the assumption people wouldn’t use such high amount of oils, and so it would legitimately only be applied to animals or low dosage hormonal supplementation; instead, it has promoted this growing trend of oil freaks, that have more oil than they do muscle.

 A commonly known method of cheap SEO, is the most poverty-stricken use Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oils (if even that high a quality,) for mass in combination with alcohol concentrate to fight bacteria. Because of evaporation and poor ratios, these home-brews have a high propensity for collapse in the muscle or bacterial infection, and are the shortest acting of SEOs. Regulations are typically lax, but that does not mean there is no attempt; and so, a common technique to prevent human use of veterinary grade animal hormones, is to significantly dilute the dosages by upping the ratios of oil to hormonal compound. Though not the quality of human grade lab production, veterinary grade provides a more safe / sterile formula in the short term than home-brewed MCT oil solutions, but with potentially equal consequence when abused over the long-term.

Because of these rules on ratios, the milligrams per milliliter are far less than the stuff most people in heavily-developed nations have access to. For example, instead of 200mg per a ml vial, it is often ~20mg to 1ml, but overall milligram in a bottle is the same, as well as price. The bottle is much larger due to the added oil from dilution. So, 10ml of EQ at 200mg a ml becomes 100ml at 20mg an ml. Instead of being deterred from the use of these compounds as regulators thought, these young men will plan their cycles to incorporate the normal dosages of these compounds found in almost any cycle, but also utilize the the excessive amount of low grade oil for it’s short term site enhancement effects. It’s not uncommon to hear of applications as high as 10ml per a muscle, because of the desired short-term site enhancement effect, as well as dosages of compound required for a cycle. Unfortunately, this is reflected in the quality of physiques and muscle. Again, these are cases of extreme abuse, and when properly applied, site enhancement oil can take a physique to levels of presentation otherwise incapable, just as it can distort a physique as well.

Keep in mind in many other parts of the world, these oils are readily available at almost any local ‘veterinarian’s office.’ Because they are so accessible, these low-quality oils have a lot of temptation, especially in the short-term as they do add dramatic visual effect, and provide a legitimate source of hormone; but unlike quality site enhancing oils, even the short-term gains are deterrent to the physique from reaching the desired appearance. This is because eventually the oils collapse as fast as they are applied, the result of this high turnover ratios of low-quality oil being used in excessive amounts, is the loss of tightness and density in the muscle in combination with misshaping from previous and continued excessive use, cumulative nerve damage, etc. It is for this reason we see so many people in the poorest regions of the world whose muscle has a cellulite resemblance, rather than the large yet deep and shapely striations, made possible only by site enhancement oil when properly used.

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