“Marc Lobliner and Amino Spiking” – Romano & Roberts

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“Marc Lobliner’s latest video on Amino Spiking, found below. Although he claims to be “the first” to talk about it, he is (at best) the third or fourth (Muscle Insider’s post on amino spiking predates his, as does a protein powder manufacturer, and another I found which appears to be some sort of supplement info site). He’s not even close to being the first. But anyway, here’s his latest video where he rails against amino spiking. And if you’re interested in giving your business to any of the brands publicly named for spiking, which he references in this video, you can find all but one of them on his website, where he supports the brands that spike their products, that he tells you he is against.”

via Marc Lobliner and Amino Spiking | Romano & Roberts.


via Marc Lobliner and Amino Spiking | Romano & Roberts.