IA Daily: Marius Dohne, Isn’t Done! (Arnold ’15)

admin February 18, 2015 Comments

There may not be an athlete receiving less attention from fans or media heading into the Arnold Classic than South African bodybuilding sensation Marius Dohne.

Marius Dohne Bodybuilding Arnold 2015

Marius Dohne 2015 6 weeks out Arnold As some fans may remember, back in 2011 Dohne exploded onto the IFBB Professional scene when he came from practically no where to 9th place at the New York Pro. A few short weeks later, an absolutely incredible looking Dohne showed up and decimated the field at the PBW Championships, and looked like he had future star written all over him. But after a disappointing 14th place finish at the at the 2011 Olympia, Dohne disappeared as quickly as he came, and completely dropped off of the bodybuilding radar due to a number of health setbacks; until he reappeared at last year’s Europa Orlando, three years removed from his last performance.

Last year, Marius Dohne improved with each subsequent appearance; peaking with his 4th place finish at the Ferrigno Pro, and now it looks like he’s poised to pick right back up where he left off. Earlier this week Dohne released some new pictures that show one of the sports real enigmas looking like he might just have what it takes to shake up the top ten. And if he’s managed to carry over some of the momentum from last year, and keep the pendulum swinging in the right direction, we could very well see him take the Olympia stage for the second time in his career, later this season.

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