IA Daily: Michael Lockett, The Most Interesting Man In Bodybuilding

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I’m not sure if Michael Lockett can lock up a sponsorship with Dos Equis quite yet, but someone should seriously look into making it happen for the guy who has a legitimate claim to be the most interesting man in bodybuilding.

Newer fans of the sport may not be familiar with Lockett, but back in the mid 2000’s he was considered to be one of the hottest young prospects in bodybuilding. Lockett first exploded onto the scene in 2006 when he appeared from out of nowhere to take both the Heavyweight and Overall titles at the NPC Team Universe, immediately capturing the attention of both fans and media alike. In peculiar fashion, instead of accepting the IFBB Pro Card her qualified for, Lockett decided to stay in the amateur ranks.

michael_lockett 2006 bodybuilding candy twizzlers

Lockett Winning 2006 Team Universe

Lockett followed up his Team Universe performance by dismantling the competition at the 2007 Junior Nationals, and looked to be on the fast track to super stardom before inexplicably disappearing for the next eight years. At the 2013 North American Championships, Lockett once again appeared seemingly out of nowhere. This time emerging with an extra 15-20 pounds of added muscle / stage weight;  narrowly missing the pro card, by taking second in Super-Heavyweight Class.

Michael Lockett 2007 Jr Nationals bodybuilding NPC

At last year’s NPC Nationals, Lockett finally seemed to take another step toward fulfilling his bodybuilding destiny when he won his IFBB pro card. Finishing runner-up in the Super-Heavyweight class behind overall winner Alexis Rolon. Whether or not we’ll ever see Lockett take an IFBB stage… is anyone’s guess.

From wild stories about dieting on Twizzlers and Taco Bell, never doing cardio, only dieting for less than month heading into his win at Junior Nationals, and admitted long absences from training; Lockett is one of the sport’s true enigmas, but damn if he sure isn’t interesting.

michael_lockett most interesting man bodybuilding