Mike & V Bodybuilding Show: Physique Olympia Dana Linn Bailey (DLB) of Flag Nor Fail!

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Mike and V on location at the 2014 LA Fit Expo. After getting confirmation from Geoff at 6-Pack Bags “DLB is in” we packed our 6 pack bags and hit the road to the expo. Dana Linn Bailey was an iconic figure internationally for fitness before making history by winning the inaugural Ms Physique Olympia. DLB is the utmost professional and loves to have fun, she exudes positive energy and realizes that she has the ability to inspire and motivate millions of people. It was cool to hear that she doesn’t want to disappoint her fans as they expect her to be in shape. Most competitors have an “off’season” but DLB keeps it tight year round. I could go on and on about how incredible Dana Linn Bailey is, her clothing line Flag nor Fail but find out for yourself on episode 42 of The Mike and V Bodybuilding Show brought you by ProSupps. Special thanks to Rob Bailey, Dana Linn Bailey and our sponsors: ProSupps, 6-Pack Bags, MetroFlex, MHTH, My Oatmeal, Big AZ Promotions, Peoria Ford.

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