Mike & V: IFBB Pro Larissa Reis

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Fitness Icon Larissa Reis!! Everyone knows that Larissa is a Budhist from Brazil but did you know she owns her own restaurant Protein House in Vegas and is a Playboy Bunny!?! We expected a fun interview from Larissa and she didn’t disappoint, find out what’s next for inspirational Larissa Reis on and off the bodybuilding stage on episode 43 of The Mike and V Bodybuilding Show sponsored by ProSupps, 6 pack bags, MetroFlex, My Oatmeal, MHTH, Ironaffinity.com, Big AZ Promotions and Peoria Ford. Special thanks to Geoff at 6 pack bags for making this interview happen, Larissa Reis and Hailey Robinson.

 IFBB Pro Larissa Reis Interview LA

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