Mike & V: Jessica Maxon

admin December 8, 2013 Comments

Dymatize athlete and owner of Glam Girl Swimwear Jessica Maxon. Originally from Canada, now living here, fitness has always been at the fore front for Jessica Maxon, from a gymnastics, lacrosse, competing in 3 different bodybuilding divisions, Fitness, Figure and now Bikini it’s not a question of If she gets her IFBB Pro Card it’s a matter of when. Jessica discusses know how it all got started not only competing but learning how to sew and design suits in Canada and now making sought after competition swimwear for bikini, figure, fitness, physique and women bodybuilding. Glam girl swim wear is worn by top IFBB Pro’s as well as national level competitors in the NPC as well as fitness america and others. Jessica does free consults, check out her website Glamgirlswimwear.com or instagram glamgirlswimwear, if you’re looking for quality the Glam Girl is the suit for you – hand made by Jessica to fit perfectly! You’ll have to watch the episode to find out more but make sure to cheer her on at the upcoming Arnold Amateur, where we are looking for her to turn pro! Special thanks to: Jessica Maxon, MHTH, MetroFlex, Big AZ Productions, Peoria Ford and Ironinfinity.com



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