Mike & V: MyOatmeal.Com’s Anthony Collova

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Mike and V on location at My Oatmeal for a Sunday Conversation with the owner and NPC Competitor Anthony Collova, he had a dream about making Oatmeal and he is now living that dream. What we love most about Anthony is his passion for all sports but especially his passion for bodybuilding and fitness, this product will eventually be in grocery stores it’s so good. Eating clean is part of bodybuilding and it can be boring but with over 20 billion different variations of flavors My Oatmeal is never boring! After a very short time Anthony has branded My Oatmeal in the bodybuilding and fitness community. My Oatmeal isn’t just for adults kids love it too, the peanut butter flavor plain with no sugar (splenda) is incredible, it’s like drinking peanut butter, add chocolate protein powder and that’s one of our favorites. Anyone who eats clean knows how boring healthy complex carbs can get, My Oatmeal takes that away, visit myoatmeal..com today enter in discount code: MikeandV for 20% off and get your oatmeal on!!! Special thanks to Anthony Collova, ProSupps, 6 Pack Bags, MetroFlex Gym, MHTH, Big AZ Promotions, Peoria Ford and new sponsor My Oatmeal.

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