Mike & V: NPC Bodybuilder Frank Nezdoba

admin January 12, 2014 Comments

NPC Champ Frank Nezdoba in the house at the one and only MetroFlex Phoenix for Episode 38. Frank decided to come back to compete in AZ after a layoff in his home state where he has 5 count em 1st place finishes, find out why he picked the DJ Classic. In an industry/sport full of narcissism, Frank is one of the good guys, he changes peoples lives in his personal training business and a proud father of 3 boys. Find out what Frank is all about, how he got into competitive bodybuilding, who inspires him, what he’s doing different now and much more on episode 38 of The Mike and V Bodybuilding Show. Special thanks to Frank Nezdoba, Josh Barnett, our sponsors MetroFlex, MHTH, Big AZ Promotions, Peoria Ford, Myoatmeal and 6-Pack Bags, Ironaffinity. Thanks for watching and please follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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