Mike and V: NPC Chairmen Miles Nuessle

admin January 16, 2014 Comments

Mike and V back at the Mecca, Miles Nuessle no stranger to the Mike and V Bodybuilding Show comes on this time to address some rumors, issues that are circulating through Arizona NPC Bodybuilding. You have to watch the episode but we commend Miles for always looking for ways to improve the NPC in Arizona, he always preaches “It’s your guy’s NPC, the competitors, I’m just the facilitator”.. Miles will address how the judging works at a Pro am and will explain the judging in great detail, how there are policies/processes in place to ensure no politics and fair judging. One of my favorite lines from Mike is “if you train hard, come in hard, you’ll be tough to beat and be rewarded accordingly, the reality of judging is we all will never agree on the placings #forreal There is a judging clinic up coming February 15th, The Mike and V Bodybuilding Show will be there! Special thanks to Miles Nuessle, Josh Barnett, our Sponsors: MetroFlex Gym, MHTH, Ironaffinity.com, Peoria Ford, Big AZ Promotions, 6 Pack bags