Mike & V:Cory Matthews and Kevin Ofurum

admin October 26, 2013 Comments

IFBB Pro’s Cory Matthews and Kevin Ofurum, both competed Saturday at the 2013 Phoenix Europa. These guys are formidable bodybuilders with bright futures, respectfully earned their procards in 2012 and 2013. Find out more about these Bodybuilding Champions in episode 28 of The Mike and V Bodybuilding Show. Special thanks to Cory Matthews and Kevin Ofurum, gracious champions that took the time out to speak with Mike and V, MetroFlex, Ironaffinity.com, MHTH, Peoria Ford and Big AZ promotions.

“I am an Afro-Asian born in Las Vegas, NV of African American and Japanese descent; I now reside in Texas. In addition to being an IFBB professional bodybuilder and fitness/wellness advocate, I am also an Ordained Minister, the married father of four children each under the age of five years old, a motivational speaker, personal trainer, nutritional advisor, brand ambassador, and mentor. My journey is also helping to bring greater awareness to counter childhood obesity challenges and concerns; and spearheading anti-bullying measures. As well, I advocate for life-sustaining efforts for those enduring MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and MD (Muscular Dystrophy), and the life-saving demand for organ donor transplantations, particularly kidney donor transplants. Awareness measures are key, and are very personal for me and my family.

Min. Cory Mathews
IFBB Professional Bodybuilder” – https://www.facebook.com/pages/IFBB-Pro-Cory-Mathews/426497777442996