Mike & V:IFBB Pro Charles Dixon

admin October 22, 2013 Comments

212 sensation IFBB Pro Charles Dixon. In an Olympia line up The Sensation Charles Dixon placed 4th. Many people were asking who’s number 5, the number The Sensation wore at the show, Bob Chicherilla, knew and now the world does!! It unbelievable this champion bodybuilder does not have a sponsor, what a marketable bodybuilder!

“The new 212 division gives bodybuilders who were in the previous 202 weight class a chance to make improvements and grow into a new weight class. One competitor that is ready to showcase improvements onstage is IFBB Pro Charles Dixon of South Carolina. After turning pro at the 2007 NPC Nationals in the light-heavyweight division Dixon explains that his start in bodybuilding came, went and came again in 2002.” – http://www.flexonline.com/general-news/one-one-ifbb-pro-charles-dixon