IA Daily: Mohammad Aburajouh, Teen Nationals Threat! (2015)

admin February 4, 2015 Comments

Every sport is constantly in search of the next great talent, who is going to usher in the next generation? Over the years, in the world of bodybuilding we’ve seen the likes of Jay Cutler, Branch Warren, and Shawn Ray make their presence felt early as teens before going on to become some of the biggest stars in the sport.

Mohammad Aburajouh 2014 NPC Teen Nationals BodybuildingMore recently we’ve witness teenage bodybuilding sensation Cody Montgomery go on a run of unprecedented dominance, winning three consecutive Teenage National titles; but, with Montgomery graduating from the teen ranks and making his way up the NPC ladder to the National level, it means that next year’s competition is wide open for a new athlete to step-in and assert themselves as the next big thing in bodybuilding.

And there’s a good chance that bodybuilding’s next budding future star will be 2014 Teen Nationals Light Heavyweight winner Mohammad Aburajouh.

Last year Aburajouh took the stage in a tough Light Heavyweight class and showed a level of poise and polish well beyond his years. Most recently the teenage bodybuilding sensation released a few new offseason progress pictures, and from the looks of things, Aburajouh has been doing his homework and packing on some serious slabs of new muscle.

If he can keep the pendulum swinging in the right direction, and find a way to nail his conditioning while maintaining his added size, Aburajouh could very well find his name alongside some great company as a Teenage National Overall Champion.

Mohammad Aburajouh trophy Alex Drake NPC Teen

Posing w/ Coach Alex Drake, Following Mohammad’s Win