IA Daily: Nathan (DeAsha) Sylvester, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder & Marathoner?

admin April 8, 2015 Comments

Last year, Nathan Sylvester opened more than a few eyes when he completely dominated the UK Bodybuilding Championships, on his way to earning his IFBB pro card. Cleaning house at the biggest bodybuilding show in his country while sporting a physique that is eerily reminiscent of Kevin Levrone’s, may not have even been Sylvester’s most impressive athletic achievement last year!

Just a few months before stepping onstage Sylvester accomplished a feat most that would make most bodybuilder’s lose their breath just at the thought, when he completed the London Marathon.

Nathan Sylvester_IFBB bodybuilder_London Marathon

In case you’re unsure, a marathon is 26.2 miles, or to put that in bodybuilding terms, almost two months low intensity cardio during contest prep.

Over the year’s we’ve seen bodybuilders try to prove the metal against top athletes from other major sports, including Kevin Levrone’s now infamous race against Olympic sprinter Dwayne Chambers…

…but cranking out a cool 26.2 miles just a few months before stepping onstage – during a time when most athletes are scrounging for every last ounce of muscle they can pack on before starting their contest prep – proves that there really is a first time for everything. Perhaps more importantly, it let’s us know that Sylvester is in fact a true freak of nature.

Nathan Sylvester_IFBB bodybuilder_Marathon