IA Daily: Nathan Sylvester, UK’s New Pro to Watch!

admin March 16, 2015 Comments

American bodybuilding fans might not be familiar with the name Nathan Sylvester, but it might just be time that they get themselves acquainted.

Aside from the fact that he might just be Kevin Levrone’s doppelgänger, Sylvester is one hell of a bodybuilder in his own right. Last year Sylvester dominated the British Bodybuilding Championships, overtaking Super Heavyweight winner James Hollingshead on his way to capturing the overall crown and his IFBB Pro card.

Nathan Sylvester, James Hollingshead

Sylvester’s physique is reminiscent to the 1990’s era bodybuilder, complete with great shape, full, round muscle bellies, aesthetics that we quite frankly don’t see too often anymore, and a really ridiculous level of inside-out shredded conditioning. Add that to the fact that Sylvester is just twenty-four years old and just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential, and the man known as “The Prophecy” has a future that seems virtually limitless.

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