IA Daily: New York Pro, IFBB Bodybuilding Recap (’15)

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In case you haven’t heard, the greatest city on Earth played host to the bodybuilding world this past weekend as fans, athletes, and media flocked to the New York Metropolitan Arena for another exciting rendition of The New York Pro.

Heading into the event New York native Juan Morel was billed as the odds on favorite – and he did not disappoint. Morel took the stage looking dramatically improved from a year ago, showing off heaps of newly added quality muscle, while also bringing in his trademark razor sharp conditioning, to go along with his noticeably fuller look this year. With his victory Morel sets up an very intriguing clash of the titans between himself, Cedric McMillan, and Big Ramy at the upcoming Arnold Brazil.

Juan Morel_Victor Martinez_New York Pro_2015

Although he didn’t go home with the title, Victor Martinez should have left the arena holding his head high. Apparently Victor got his hands on a time machine sometime over the course of the offseason, because the Dominican Dominator brought a look to the stage that we haven’t seen from him in years. Despite the fact that he’s nearly forty years old, and faced numerous (self-induced)  setbacks, Victor looks to still be making solid improvements, and should be a major force once again when the Olympia rolls around.

The rest of the lineup featured noteworthy showings from Max Charles, who brought his all-time best, an eye opening 4th place performance from the relatively unknown Henri Pierre Ano, along with the Belgian Predator Clarence Devis who also brought his A game.

Be sure to check out tomorrows IA Daily for a recap of this weekend’s 212 action…

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