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Review by Nick Tong of  Inov8 Elite Performance

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dumbledore Anthony Collova employs wizards. Oatmeal making, powdered peanut butter brewing wizards. Although I’m not totally convinced this isn’t the truth, Anthony claims that it’s just him and his fiancé Kathy behind his new enterprise, MyOatmeal.com. Based out of Tempe, Arizona, MyOatmeal offers pre-packaged oats made specifically to your liking—sourcing their flavor system from the ice cream industry (all 47 flavors!), and offering different mix-ins, including nuts, seeds, fruits, etc.  And you’re not limited to just plain ol’ unsweetened quick oats—chose from six varieties of oats, including their famous smash blend, a combination of instance, 5 grain and steel cut oats, and sweeten the deal with 5 different sweetener options.

The beautiful thing is that while there are a copious amount of combinations, it doesn’t seem overwhelming. Want Chocolate Cake Batter with nuts? Choose German Chocolate Cake and Cake Batter as your flavorings, and dried walnuts as your mix-in. Iced Gingerbread cookies? Choose Gingerbread and Sweet Icing flavoring!  They also offer a “Popular blends” page if you’re in need of ideas. Or better yet, if you’re just too confused, just sign up for the monthly oatmeal club–they will send you a rotating custom blend each month. They also donate a bag of oatmeal to a hungry child for every subscription filled, so it’s a win-win!

Targeting mainly the health and fitness sector, Anthony has made it incredibly easy for folks to tailor their blends to fit their specific macronutrient targets. As you build your blend, the nutrition label is generated on the side of the page. I found this incredibly convenient as I’m currently in contest prep and have a general idea of my macros for each meal, allowing me to tailor the blends to fit the specific meal I wanted them in. It’s also a bit fun that you can actually name your blend, and that name will be printed on the label! To give the reader the widest review as possible, however, I varied my combinations. They were as follows:

Monk fruit sweetened, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Cookie with pecans in steel cut oats. One thing you’ll note about the MyOatmeal blends is the amazing aroma from each one. I mean, these things smell freakin’ good. I have probably stopped writing this article five or six times thus far just to open a bag and get another whiff. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie is no exception. The smell is a melding of the two flavors that blend wonderfully and come off….as a peanut butter cookie! Texture and taste are on par, but what I was particularly impressed by was the quality of pecan mix-ins. No soggy, chewy nuts here—these guys felt fresh and crunchy.

Myoatmeal review bodybuildingNext up was sucralose sweetened Banana Bread Butter Rum in multi grain flax oats, with walnuts and banana chips. Once again, smell and quality of nuts were great. The flax seeds weren’t obnoxious, which I liked. Two small things with this blend—first, it felt a little under-sweetened for me coming from monk fruit, and second, the flavoring didn’t seem quite as strong as Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie or Gingerbread. Might just be my taste buds or that these two flavors don’t particularly synergize well, but I feel as if it could have been stronger.

Myoatmeal review bodybuildingLast, but certainly not least, was plain ol’ sucralose sweetened Gingerbread in quick oats. I had originally got this for my girlfriend as I am not the biggest Gingerbread fan, but you know how it is if you’ve prepped before—almost anything sounds good at some point. So, what does a good man do? Indian gives his girlfriend’s oats. I have a new found respect for Gingerbread. Although the most “plain” blend, this was by far my favorite. Being void of mix-ins, I added my own: Love Crunch Gingerbread Granola, fresh bananas, topped with an “icing” composed of Sweet Icing PB lean, a bit of pumpkin, and a couple pinches of gingerbread frosting creations. This tasted, like an iced gingerbread cookie. Anthony—please do not pull this seasonal flavor (or save a few bags for me if you do!).

I also ordered a few PB lean flavors—a replacement for PB2, that allows you to add the same flavoring systems to a powdered PB base. Although everyone was good, some flavors seemed stronger than others. I chose Brown Sugar, Sweet Icing, and German Chocolate Cake. Out of those three, Brown Sugar was probably the most prominent, with

Myoatmeal review bodybuilding

Sweet Icing coming in last. I also got them all dark roasted, so that might be a factor. Simple and to the point—these will replace PB2 for me. Although Anthony strongly suggested I get them sweetened, I decided to live on the edge and try them unsweetened….and I actually prefer it depending on how I use them. Shameless secret—I mix nut butters with meat and veggie dishes during prep. In this context, PB lean unsweetened was the winner, however when used as a topping for my oatmeal, a little addition of a monk fruit/sucralose sweetener blend Anthony also sent me took precedence.

All in all, MyOatmeal.com will be my new go-to for flavored oatmeal. Having signed up for the Oatmeal of the Month club, I’m already excited for what the next blend will be. If you like freakin’ delicious, wizard made oatmeal, and you want to support a group of people that give back to the community, head on over to MyOatmeal.com and get a bag!

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