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Where has the direction of strength been going? We’ve ignored the basics, in fact we are  far away from the basics and I’ve realized this through all the clients I’ve trained… Eating and sleeping have taken a back seat to gear and mass-amount of supplements. Training became half-assed due to merely ego and pride. I admit I fell victim to this cause it was easier. Powerlifters train at the max cause CNS shutdown…bodybuilders don’t continue to push the limits even during dieting. Although I give bodybuilders credit, and I believe they are training their asses off harder than most athletes…while powerlifters have slacked a bit, and grown increasingly dependent on shit that was just another reinvention of the wheel, yet some of the strongest lifters…30+ years ago…still hold world records and were side walk smashing freaks…WTF!

Dave Pasanella

Dave Pasanella

Nick Winters

Nick Winters

Scott Wilson…Reg Park…Bill Kazmaier….Doug Young…Jon Cole…Roger Estep…Franco Columbu…Dave Pasanella…Ken Lain…Chuck Sipes…Ted Arcidi…Casey Viator…Mike Macdonald…Charlie Richards… These guys were “transhuman” in my opinion…they did beyond what the human body was possible…and the list could be longer…their training was pure brutality and required a vast amount of guts just to be able to hang with them let alone “attempt” to outwork them. I can include Nick Winters in this list as he believed the same…

The idea of being “transhuman” requires you “outwork humanity”. That is the purpose behind BFG training. These guys did shit in their training that was just insane and brutal but it yielded results…literally speaking they did what they wanted cause they can. There was no pure plan of sets of reps…percentages…or anything.. you just went in…grinded it…and killed it…this is how alot of these guys learned the killer instinct for competition that was rare and raw unless you constantly trained to the extreme where  you weren’t at your strongest and still did beyond human shit. It led me to abandon the crap that’s out there now…take some of it that was useful and go back to that era and do what those guys did and even take it further. I started my journey to becoming a freak during the end of an era. Training sessions were literally life and death…pushed to the limit of your mental and physical capabilities. The shit was pure brutality from start to finish and require guts to finish. you have to be a special group of people just be able to push that far daily. Eating was in excess due to the brutality of the training in general…and sleep was necessary to be able to push harder.This is how I trained in the last three years. Rediscovering old school forgotten training methods…looking to how athletes like Doug Young, Bill Kazmaier, Roger Estep, etc. trained to even how prisoners trained cause we all know how huge those fuckers were.

My need to constantly become bigger and stronger only grew, and you have to constantly continue to evolve your knowledge. Hence THE OVERKILL METHOD. It’s called as such because you strive to be an “alpha” every session by surpassing your own limits and boundaries..HENCE you learn to always overshoot your goals…getting leaner and stronger as well as gaining size. It is based off of the following concepts that are “rarely” used but with everyone I’ve coached…the shit was money. It is what I called the PLUS laws. Every session employs these five laws.

  1. Always pre exhaust and POST exhaust.
  2. Every rep is a “mininum” not a maximum…so your expected to overshoot every set..pushing muscular failure
  3. Every set you either go up in reps or weight or BOTH…pushing muscular overload
  4. If  your unable to complete a regular set…perform a RPF pause failure set
  5. Reps are performed with a pause (such as the big 3 or various db movements) or zero rep (cable or machine movements)..meaning you control the eccentric and explode back into contracted position.
  6. Push high volume week to week thru high reps plus heavy weight the next blog i’ll discuss how these play into gettin anyone bigger…leaner and nastier with little to no gear….have i gotten your attention yet? part of the FTF project is extreme method to be bigger and stronger mentally and physically…the ap3x method is part of the equation.

Brutality and Fucking Guts, Do You Have It?

This is Part 1 of Our Series with Curt Dennis! Be sure to check back for more to come from him and the OVERKILL method!

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