The Problem w/ Clear Site Enhancement Oil Bottles

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If you are using a Site Enhancement Oil that comes in a clear bottle, just remember this. There are significant reasons why beer bottles were designed to be dark before the advent of refrigeration, and these same reasons are still applicable to SEO. Traditionally, beers were stored in dark containers as it prevented spoilage induced by ultraviolet light (1.) While the practice became unnecessary, it continues in tradition to this day; however, unlike alcohol, oils cannot be stored in these same cold conditions without being damaged, so it is of utmost importance to take every precaution in minimizing the risk of contamination / spoilage. Unfortunately, with so many people looking for a quick buck rather than producing a quality product, the market has been flooded with low quality and potentially dangerous products, and the reemergence of clear bottle usage for storage containers demonstrates this.

An Early Beer Bottle

An Early Beer Bottle

The first of these many steps in sterile SEO begins at the production levels with ingredient ratios, such as sterilizing alcohols to other compounds. If these ratios are incorrect it will spoil a solution, and even if correct, when in clear bottles can quickly become null. This is because after just one use the container’s seal has been punctured, and though possible for a solution to temporarily remain sterile when stored in cool and stable conditions, if pressures in the bottle change due to exposure from sunlight, even slightly, this pierced seal leaves a permanent gateway. The hole lets sterilizing agents escape as they heat up and expand into gas, while allowing contagions to enter. So not only does the clear container allow for the de-sterilization of the bottle, it many times promotes it by magnifying the ultraviolet light that passes through it’s walls once all sterilizing agents are evaporated, a breeding ground for bacteria / infection.

Though not unheard of, by using clear bottles to contain Site Enhancement Oil the risk of spoilage is significantly increased, a problem that’s solution can be easily reached with a simple changing in the color of containers, at almost no additional cost to the manufacturer. With all these new SEO brands popping up, just err on the side of caution. If someone does not know enough to take this basic step in protecting their consumer’s safety, then one has to wonder about every other step of the process, starting with their formulations….

Vials Dark and Clear