Project Bodybuilding

admin November 28, 2013 Comments

If you are interested in body building, then you need to know exactly what you are committing yourself to. It’s not enough just to think that you should work out more, or that you really want to get rid of that beer gut! Real body building is something that many people aspire to, but few know enough about it to make an informed decision. So have a look at our top three things that we think you should know when it comes to body building:

1. Bodybuilding is healthy.

There are too many critics of body building that don’t actually understand what it is. Body building is not exercising until you are sick, or forcing yourself to only eat protein. Body building is a healthy choice to exercise your muscles past their limits in a safe way, and to eat a balanced diet with an increase of protein to sustain your muscle growth. Anyone who thinks that body building is unhealthy is just plain wrong.

2. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle.

Unlike some other sports and commitments in your life, you cannot take days off from body building. Every single day that you don’t work for a step forward towards that perfect body, you are taking a step backwards. You cannot let up any single time, and that is why body building is a lifestyle. You will find that some things are just not compatible with that lifestyle, like smoking or drinking alcohol. Only if you are truly serious about body building will you be able to give those things up.

3. Bodybuilding is a project.

Chances are, you won’t see any physical improvement in your body for the first week or so once you start your body building programme. In fact, you may not see any changes for a month or so. That is why body building is a project, not a fad diet. It isn’t something that you decide to do and then complain about because you haven’t seen instant effects. It’s a long, hard slog that has the most incredible rewards at the end of it.

So if you have read all of that, and you’ve realised that body building is the thing that you’ve been searching for to perfect your physique, now is the time to start your body building project!