Quarter-Turn Fundamentals w/ INOV8

admin October 11, 2013 Comments

A quick look at the fundamental base of all poses in bodybuilding…

“The quarter turns are the first series of poses a competitor will be asked to complete. They provide a good indication of overall muscle symmetry. To begin the quarter turns, stand in a semi relaxed position. Arms should hang to the sides, with weight distributed evenly. Widen the shoulders, flare the lats and flex the thighs and abs to enhance muscularity. The quarter turn to the right to show the left side of body comes next. As with the front semi relaxed pose, one should stand straight with feet flat on the ground. Face ahead and tense shoulders, thighs and abs slightly. Technically, when standing to the side one should not twist their body around to emphasize any aspect of the upper physique. This, however, is done quite often.

Another quarter turn to the right to display the rear musculature of the upper and lower body. Again, stand straight and widen shoulders. It is also a good idea at this point to flex the calves for maximum effect.

As with the previous quarter turns, the competitor should, when quarter turning for a third time, stand straight and look ahead this time to expose the right side of the body. Finally, quarter turn to the right and stand in the semi relaxed front pose.”


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