“Rich Piana & Tim Muriello Conversations – Using Steroids versus Natural Bodybuilding”

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For Our Interview With Rich At Muscle Beach: http://www.ironaffinity.com/rich-piana-interview-muscle-beach-5-percent-1-day-u-may-bodybuilding/

“Mr. California Rich Piana, an actor from Northridge, California, who has appeared in several TV commercials and movies, has signed with MUTANT. This 290 lb SUPERMUTANT has been training since he was 11 years old. His most recent bodybuilding competition was the 2011 NPC National Championships.” – http://www.iammutant.com/mutants/richpiana.php

“Rich Piana might not be a top bodybuilder on the Olympia stage, or even a competitive bodybuilder at all anymore, but he is definitely gaining attention and becoming more popular by the day. Some of this is due to the fact that he is an enormous bodybuilder that trains heavy, and some of it is due to his incredibly open mind and outlook on training, anabolic steroids, nutrition, etc. His biggest break seems to have come from a training series posted by MutantTV on youtube, an incredibly high quality production that took us through a day in the life of Rich.” – http://www.musclelegion.com/bodybuilding/bodybuilder-profile-rich-piana/