R.I.P. Larry Scott (1938-2014)

admin March 8, 2014 Comments

Today the bodybuilding community mourns the death of one of its greatest and first champions, former Mr. Olympia Larry Scott. Larry set the precedent for bodybuilding when he won the inaugural 1965 Mr. Olympia, after already having been an accomplished AAU Champion / Mr. Universe amongst his many other titles in the sport at every level. One of the quadfathers of the West Coast bodybuilding movement, Larry was also one of the first bodybuilders to sport 20 inch arms and was an integral part of the establishment of the West Coast as the Mecca for bodybuilding. He traded the corn of Idaho for the posing oil and Speedo trunks of California in the pursuit of success, both on and off the stage. Not only did Larry win multiple Mr. Olympia titles, but he also had minor roles in films such as muscle Beach party, that served as one of the first means of exposure of bodybuilders to the general public, and so at every phase of his life Larry served as an ambassador to the sport.

While he may be gone, Larry will definitely not be forgotten as his accomplishments will go down in the history of the sport forever. Records were meant to be broken, but there will never be another first.


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