Ronnie Coleman A (Very) Brief Profile

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Ronnie Coleman

This world is full of successful stories, and if you are willing to look around yourself, you will find many examples that will inspire you. If you are looking for such a story, then you have already heard about this living legend bodybuilder.

Ronald Dean Coleman, known as Ronnie Coleman, is a representative figure of the modern bodybuilding, being eight times consecutive winner of the competition Mr. Olympia, and being also a present figure at the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness, i.e. IFBB.  His career sounds amazing, and even if at the moment he is occupied selling supplements, his history seems to be the history of success itself.

Ronnie Coleman didn’t have the perfect childhood, but all the problems had only made him go on. He had been an overachiever even from a young age, when he used to help his family working two jobs at a time. During the university years, he played football, going a lot to the gym. After he graduated, he didn’t have the best luck, so after a time spent on the delivery services, he joined the police force, knowing that his future depends on his own efforts. There he used to hit the police gym regularly, and after a while he met his “fate” at the Metroflex Gym, where Brian Dobson, the owner, saw in him true potential. This is the moment he starts his true career as a bodybuilder. However, from the start to the first important win, there were 5 years of struggle and many amateur competitions. Thus, this man didn’t have everything from the beginning. He had to work hard in order to succeed. From 1990 to 1995, he managed to pass form the amateurs to the pros, gaining experience and fame. College football was essential in his ascension, mainly because it kept him in shape during those years. After that, it was easier to hit the gym regularly. His transition is a spectacular one, and even if right now it seems a fast one, it has been quite slow, acquiring his present fame step by step. This is the main reason he succeeded to achieve so many things. If there is anything that you should learn from Ronnie Coleman, is that in order to achieve something in life, you have to work hard and to follow your dreams.

Everyone who loves bodybuilding knows about Ronnie Coleman and his victories at Olympia and IFBB. Many people say that the steroid cycle used by Ronnie Coleman was too complex, and they agree that too many bodybuilders overuse steroids. However, one cannot be entirely sure about this, so the main focus will remain the amazing development and the success of Ronnie Coleman. The truth is that the man is a living legend, an example of professionalism and hard work, being followed by many people who want to achieve something in life. No matter how slow your ascension is, keep in mind that the important thing is to keep moving forward.