IA Daily: Russ Allen, NPC Super-Heavyweight Contender ’15

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After managing to keep a relatively low profile for the last few months, it looks like NPC bodybuilder Big Russ Allen is ready to make his presence felt once again. Last year Allen caught everyone’s attention when he captured the Super-Heavyweight crown at the Junior Nationals, narrowly missing out on the overall after a heated battle against fellow Colorado native Dorian Haywood. Later in the year Allen went on to make a very impressive showing at the NPC Nationals, where he took 4th place in a top heavy Super Heavyweight lineup that included Michael Lockett and overall winner Alexis Rolon.

Dorian Haywood_Russ Allen_Junior Nationals

Dorian Haywood & Russ Allen, Jr. Nats.

Heading into this year with another solid offseason under his belt, and a few major obstacles out the way, with Lockett and Rolon graduating to the ranks of the IFBB, it looks like Allen is in pole position as we approach this year’s national shows.

The last few years, the Super-Heavyweight class has been notoriously hit and miss when it comes to conditioning at the top of the lineups, but if there’s one thing Allen knows how to do its show up in shape. If he can manage to hold onto some of that hard earned new muscle while still hitting his signature level of conditioning, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see him as the last man standing at one of this season’s major events.

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