IA Daily: Scott Turner, IFBB Debut

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It looks like Iron Affinity’s very own Scott Turner is going to making his introduction the pro stage in the near future. Last week Turner released new photos, showing off his conditioning twenty weeks out from his IFBB Professional Bodybuilding debut. Back in 2013 Turner won his pro card at the USA Championships when he returned to the stage after a long absence to dominate the Middleweight class.

Scott Turner_IFBB_212_Bodybuilder

After taking the last few years off from competing, to pack on some much needed size, the man affectionately known as “Phat Boi” is ready to bring his talents to the IFBB. Turner has linked up with the fat loss whisperer, Shelby Starnes for his contest prep. For an athlete like Turner who already had many of the tools for success, the combination of with Shelby could be very bad news for the competition. Currently Turner is sitting just north of 220 pounds, and if he’s able to dial things in, nail his conditioning, while holding on to most of that new muscle, his pro debut could certainly be one to remember.

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