IA Daily: Shawn Rhoden, Southern States Guest Posing

admin July 13, 2015 Comments

We’re still a few months away from the Olympia, and that means that there’s still time to jump on the Shawn Rhoden bandwagon, which appears to be gaining momentum with each passing week. A few weeks ago an absolutely monstrous looking version of Flexatron took the stage, as the featured guest-poser at the NPC Southern States, giving fans a sneak peak at what sort of havoc he plans to bring to the stage at the Orleans Arena.

Shawn Rhoden_Southern States_Guest_Posing_2015

Until this year, Rhoden had been one of the more active superstars in the sport, usually popping-up at a few select events throughout the year. This year however has been a change of course, Rhoden has chosen to put all his eggs in one basket, staying on the sidelines throughout the contest season as he takes the entire year to make what he hopes will be a strong push toward the title.

Rhoden, like everyone else in bodybuilding, has found himself chasing Kai Greene as Phil’s primary opponent for the crown. If there’s even been an athlete who appears ready to push past Kai, Shawn Rhoden would be the prime candidate for the job. However, when you take the boom or bust approach it means that there’s always a chance for disaster to strike, and if for some reason he shows up looking anything less than spectacular, and at least noticeably better than what we’ve seen in the past, his strategy will have all been for naught, and the battle for the Olympia crown will be over the second Phil sets foot onstage.

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