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A Dallas-based steroid ring has been busted, leading to the arrest of 11 men, some of whom were high(ish) level amateur bodybuilders and powerlifters (a second place at Jr. USAs and a respectable bench at Raw Unity, etc…). The indictment is nine counts of the usual stuff that goes along with any steroid bust (possession, importing, intent to distribute, money laundering, etc…). Honestly, most of them should be grouped as a single charge under some kind of umbrella, because it’s a bit unfair to say that someone gets charged for intent to distribute as well as possession, when the former clearly implies some form ot the latter. There was also a firearm charge here, and that’s a big one, with a big minimum sentence.

Steroid Bust Texas Bodybuilder

What else? They had some H, coke, marijuana,  and GHB, also. Those carry serious jailtime, way above the steroids.

Bryan Higginbotham, who placed second as a SHW at Jr. USAs in 2010, has reached a plea deal for the steroid charges and another defendant has reached one on the rec stuff. One of the defendants, Cyrus Gharib, 38, is a bench specialist (powerlifter) who has done reasonably well for himself at a few contests (and who has served time for dealing ecstasy).

The  Drug Enforcement Administration’s investigation identified Jonathan Ryan Stubbs, 38, of Dallas as the operator of what they called a “distribution cell.” I’m not entirely sure what this means, whether they were operating a UGL or remailing/reselling for one of the large international firms (tips, as always, are appreciated). These indictments have only been unsealed this week, but last year, the U.S. attorney’s office filed a forfeiture suit to keep a 2008 Chevrolet Corvette and a 2009 Cadillac Escalade that federal agents seized from Stubbs. Clearly he was arrested first/second, and snitched on everyone  who just got busted – he not only has priors, but in 2012, he got caught with 2,600 grams of steroid powder and lab equipment, and multiple locations that were subsequently investigated, also turned up powder and lab equipment . Seems clear that he rolled, and apparently he’s been dealing steroids since 2000 – according to the indictment.

Steroid Bust Bodybuilding Texas

Several local police officers (three by my last count) have also been linked to the investigation, one of whom killed himself, another who plead guilty to related charges, and a final one who is on administrative leave.”

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