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“Carl Lanore and Super Human Radio have recently announced Genesis Communications Network (GCN). I’m sure everyone reading this will recognize both Carl’s name as well as that of his show, since they have been around for the past nine years, and I’ve been a guest on the show since the very beginning – in fact, I was the first guest to have the entire show to himself, as the prior format was a split show with two guests, each taking half the episode. In mid-August, GCN will begin to carry the Super Human Radio Show, making it available on one of its satellite feed channels delivered to various stations in local markets. These options include 1000 + AM and FM affiliate stations, global shortwave radio, XM satellite radio, an internet listening option as well as a downloadable Podcast.

Withoug divulging too much of Carl’s life, when he started the show he had to take a tremendous leap from his former job* where he was making a very nice (steady) and jump into something he had no experience with**, and no guarantee of success (or even being able to make a living). Along the way, he revitalized (I would say single-handedly) the concept of physical culture, which had died off as part of the fitness lexicon of our day. I would go so far as saying that he changed the entire vernacular of our industry and made people aware of a rich history of weight training, that (contrary to what many may have thought previously) did not start in the mid ’80s with Lee Haney and Zubaz.

Over the past nine years, Carl’s show has introduced listeners to kettlebells (years before they went mainstream) and Mike Mahler, Randy Roach and Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors, and even guys like Eric Cressey, Dave Barr, and others who had been semi-agoraphobic when it came to being heard and seen anywhere off the T-Nation forums. He even introduced the world to Aaron Singerman***, and gave him the launching pad for a career that has really transcended what anyone could have expected.

Most people have forgotten this, but Carl made the gutsy decision to say, long before podcasts were credible, that he was leaving terrestrial radio to focus on internet-based radio. At the time, that was a huge move and a big decision that many could not understand – now, podcasts are the industry standard – and Carl’s remains head and shoulders above the rest – returning to terrestrial radio via syndication is a testimony, not only to how things have changed in the past decade, but to how Carl had the foresight to predict those changes. Syndication will help him put the message out to an even broader audience, and for that, I congratulate him and Genesis Communication Network, for adding his show to their family.


About Super Human Radio

Building a nation of super humans, Super Human Radio is a newly syndicated radio show based in Louisville, Kentucky with an almost nine-year history reaching an International audience through AOL’s SHOUTcast Digital Network. Super Human Radio is the world’s first broadcast radio show dedicated to improving all aspects of human performance through physical culture, ancestral nutrition and effective supplementation. With more than 1,700 live shows thus far and an average of one million podcasts downloaded per month Super Human Radio has gained a reputation as one of the top health and fitness shows available today.


About Genesis Communications Network

GCN is an independent radio network created in 1998, owned by Ted Anderson. The network currently produces more than 75 shows, distributed on more than 1,000 radio stations nationwide while also airing a handful of programs on America’s Talk Radio as well as on Shortwave. Flagship shows include Info Wars with Alex Jones, Fire Your MD Now with Dr. Peter Glidden and The Robert Scott Bell Show. Program topics include; politics, finances, entertainment, gardening, home improvement, auto repair, health, conspiracy and any and all hot “trending” topics.


* Previously Carl had sold sex toys door-to-door

** I’m not talking about podcasts or hosting a talk show, I’m talking about “computers” and “the internet” – Carl was a spry 127 years old when he first got online and started his show

*** A rare lapse in judgment”

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