IA Daily: 212 Pro, Shaun-Joseph Tavernier Update

admin January 12, 2015 Comments

After bursting onto the scene in 2009 with a big win at the UK Bodybuilding Championships, a show that featured the likes of Zack Kahn, Daz Ball, and James Hollingshead, Shaun-Joseph Tavernier looked to be on the verge of bodybuilding stardom.Shaun-Joseph Tavernier IFBB bodybuilding 212

After a relatively quiet 2010 that only saw him take the stage once, Tavernier took the IFBB by storm in 2011 beginning with a very impressive 5th place finish in front of a raucous home crowd at the British Grand Prix. Fueled by the momentum built up by his earlier performance, Tavernier continued his tremendous rookie campaign by marching into the Toronto Pro show and making short work of his competition before earning himself his first pro win in the then 202 division.

A few months later Tavernier went to capture 5th at the 202 Olympia, a feat that ultimately earned him Flex Magazines Rookie of the Year honors. But then, as quickly as he arrived, Tavernier esentially dropped off of the bodybuilding radar for almost four years until he reappeared out of nowhere to take second at the BodyPower Pro last year.

Once again, it looks as though he’s here to stay and ready to make an impact on a 212 division that’s grown by leaps and bounds during his sabbatical from the stage. With so much time elapsed since his last major show, it’ll be interesting to see if the Tavernier can still fulfill the promise he once showed and make some noise at the Arnold Classic eight weeks from now.