IA Daily: Thomas Lenihan, NPC USAs Preview

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We’ve seen quite a bit of change in bodybuilding over the last few years, but at every level of the sport there’s a fundamental element that has yet to fade out of style; the fact that conditioning wins shows. Less than three weeks to go before stepping onstage at the upcoming USA Championships, it looks like NPC bodybuilder Thomas Lenihan doesn’t have any intentions of settling for second place.

Thomas Lenihan_NPC_2 weeks_2015

Thomas Lenihan, 2 Weeks From NPC USAs

Last year, Lenihan pushed eventual Light-Heavyweight winner Caleb Blanchard to the limit, in a tight battle for supremacy of the class. Lenihan fell just short of IFBB professional status, landing in the respectable runner-up position. Following yet another productive offseason, under the guidance of coach, and IFBB legend Don Long; Lenihan looks ready to hit the stage in Las Vegas, and with a vengeance.

With a shape, fullness, complimented by a structure that makes his physique ‘pop’ on-stage,  Lenihan has all the tools. If he’s able to bring it together, the elusive 1st place spot / pro status can be his; otherwise he may be in a familiar place, on the outside looking in.

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