IA Daily: Toney Freeman, Age Is Just A Number!

admin March 6, 2015 Comments

As the old saying goes ‘Father Time remains undefeated.’ Just don’t tell that to Toney Freeman.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.20.55 PMDespite the fact that by the end of the bodybuilding calendar year The X-Man will is going to turn a spritely 49 years young, you wouldn’t know it by looking at his physique. Recently Freeman released a few new pictures just days away from taking the Arnold Classic stage, and once again he shows us why he’s the bodybuilding version of fine wine – he just keeps getting better with age.

It’s almost hard to that Freeman has been competing on bodybuilding stages since 1990. To put it into perspective, this year’s preshow favorite Justin Compton was born in 1988. That means that it’s conceivable that Tony Freeman has been in posing trunks longer than Compton has been potty trained.

Regardless of how next weekend’s events play out, Freeman’s career is probably going to be dramatically underrated despite the fact that he has seven wins, dozens of top five finishes, and may have been grossly overlooked more times than he cares to count – just check out his classic post Sheru Classic rant from a few years back.

Even if he doesn’t win another contest moving forward the X-Man is a true testament to what bodybuilding is all about: hard dieting, even harder training, and consistency.

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