Top 10 National Level Super-Heavyweight Bodybuilder Contest Cycle!

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It is important to note that this piece is for entertainment purposes only. Under no conditions is it suggested that these should be applied (ever). This is not to be taken as medical guidance, and those seeking medical guidance should find a quality qualified professional. This is third party content, and could be fictional for all we know… again, entertainment purposes only. 
On my own note, I have seen people with different genetics who use significantly different amounts and get the same if not more result. Important to remember these levels were not overnight but instead developed over a number of years as the physique did.

This bodybuilding steroid cycle was submitted by a Top 10 National Level (SH) Competitor who has competed mutiple-times in the last few years at both the regional and national level.

I started my prep at 20 weeks out. Going into the diet, I was running test 400 at 6-8cc a week, insulin, and growth hormone. At 20 weeks out, I cut the insulin, lower my test to 5cc a week (2000mg/wk) and added several new goodies. Trenbolone acetate, proviron, equipoise and masteron enanthate were all added in starting at 20 weeks out.
Cycle looked something like this:

-Test enanthate/cypionate- 2000mg per week
-Trenbolone Acetate- 700mg per week
-Proviron- 50mg per day
-Equipoise- 1000mg per week
-Masteron E- 500mg per week
-Growth Hormone- 10iu per day (5iu AM, 5iu PM)

I ran these up until 12 weeks out where I added in even more goods. At this point in the diet, I was already fairly lean at a bodyweight of 270 lbs and was just looking to harden up my physique while very slowly losing more body fat. So at 12 weeks out, I added primobolan at 500mg per week and oral winny at 50mg per day. Growth hormone was increased to 20iu per day, split in four 5iu injections and proviron was also bumped to 100mg per day. Test was cut to 1000mg because at this point, you’re not building any new muscle, you’re just trying to maintain what you have while slowly losing bodyfat. Running high test would add bloat and is just not necessary. Arimidex was also added at 2 mg per day.

-Test- 1000mg/wk
-Tren ace- 700mg/wk
-Eq- 1000mg/wk
-Mast E-500mg/wk
-Proviron- 100mg/day
-Growth Hormone- 20iu/day
-Arimidex- 2mg/day

So this regimen was continued until 8 weeks out. At 8 weeks out, I was sitting at 265 lbs, very lean and hard at this point and just trying to maintain all my muscle. At this point, EQ was cut, Mast E was switched to Mast P. Winny was bumped to 100mg/day, and Letro was added at 2.5mg per day. Also Anavar was added at 100mg/day. Clenbuterol was also added at 80mcg/day. I had not been on any fat burners up to this point in the prep. 6 weeks out were the next changes and really the last phase of my prep. Both Anadrol and Halotestin were put in at 100mg/day and 30mg/day respectively. GH was dropped back to 10iu due to water retention / funds, and Tren Ace was bumped to 150mg/day. Cycle looked like this. Test was also cut out at this point due to water retention. I have found that cutting test out early like this makes me that much more dry and hard. Arimidex was bumped to 4mg and letro to 5mg ed. I was using research chems tho, so who knows how much i actually was getting. 

-Tren Ace- 150mg/day
-Mast P- 100mg m-f
-Primo- 100mg m-f
-Anavar- 100m/day
-Winny- 100mg/day
-Proviron- 100mg/day
-Halo- 30mg/day
-Anadrol- 100mg./day
-GH- 10iu/day
-Arimidex- 4mg/day
-Letro- 5mg/day

So pretty much from 6 weeks out until showtime, the only thing that changed was primo was dropped at 4 weeks out, and gh, mast p, and tren ace were dropped one week out. All orals, including clen were run through the show and dyazide was used the night before at .5 tab every meal starting at 6pm friday night. Comparing this prep to my past preps, I feel that the main difference was amount of gh, and starting the ‘hardening’ compounds earlier. Usually i would start mast and tren ace at 12 weeks out or so. I feel that starting them at 20 wks allowed my body to gradually get harder and keep all my muscle, nothing felt rushed, and I was in shape early and actually had to hold myself back from losing too fast by doing a couple cheats. This prep was the first time I’ve ran primo and anavar and I felt those too gave my physique a different look. Stay tuned in next couple weeks as I outline my offseason cycle and what it takes to be a national level Super Heavyweight bodybuilder.

As stated before, this is for entertainment only


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    So the question becomes how the hell did this Top level SH afford that much gear?

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